Landon Donovan Considering Retirement

October 24, 2012 – 9:20 pm by Ryan Phillips

Not only is Landon Donovan considering turning down another trip to England to play for Everton this season, but the 30-year-old may actually be ready to hang up his cleats for good. The man who is undoubtedly the greatest American soccer player in history may simply be burned out on the game.

Donovan claims he needs to take a break from soccer to decide what he really wants and to see if he still loves playing.

He said the following about his future:

“Right now, I need time to think and that is impossible to achieve while I am playing. I need to determine if I want to play, and if the answer is yes, I need to work out where and for how long.

“I plan to spend a lot of time traveling to distant places, alone. I am not sure where. I want to take time to have some freedom and not worry about my next game or being fit. It may take me two weeks, two months or a year.

“I don’t plan on worrying about the end result. I want to focus on being present and making the decision when I am ready. I am at a point where I realize that if I am to come back, I need to do so with the right mindset.”

Donovan claimed he has struggled with motivation at many points during his career, and that he has gone through tough stretches. He says he wants to do some things for himself and figure out his life.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to American soccer fans, as Donovan has long been aloof when discussing his future. But the fact that he could actually be mulling retirement is unsettling. When in form, he can still be a dominant force for the United States in international play. It would be incredibly sad to see him leave the sport so young.

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