Indiana Hoosiers: Kevin Wilson receives vote of confidence, will probably be fired

October 5, 2012 – 12:16 pm by McD

The Indiana Hoosiers are 2-2 heading into Saturday’s showdown with Michigan State. Ha, showdown. More like complete destruction by a usually punchless Spartan offense. Expect running back Le’Veon Bell to have a nice day Saturday.

However, if quarterback Tre Roberson hadn’t broken his leg/ankle/lower body against UMass in week two, there is a very real chance that the Hoosiers would be 3-1 at the absolute worst. Regardless, they have definitely improved in year two of head coach Kevin Wilson’s tenure, even if that improvement isn’t enough to keep the Hoosiers from once again being the worst team in the Big Ten.

Indiana Athletic Director Fred Glass – probably based partially upon the Hoosiers’ improvement and the fact that Wilson has five years left on a seven-year contract – gave the head coach a ringing vote of confidence Thursday, saying he was “absolutely the right guy,” among other things.

That, of course, means Wilson will probably be fired at season’s end.

Sure, a seven year contract is a decent safeguard for a guy tasked with improving one of the worst FBS programs in history, but the Hoosiers are still 3-13 in a season and a half under Wilson and are still atrocious in two of the three phases of the game (the offense is merely average).

Wilson has also had a few incidents off the field that may or may not have reflected badly on the program. I did, however, defend him when he went off on some local radio hacks before last season. Especially because he seemed like he was defending his program despite its losing ways.

The point is, despite whatever safeguards are in place, if the AD feels the need to endorse the head coach four games into the season, something is amiss. The team is .500 but looks like it will finish well below there, and little has been done to alleviate the feeling that the Hoosiers have little or no chance of beating most Big Ten teams on a week-to-week basis. Heck, they’re still not even competitive with Northwestern.

Not for nothing, but I would update my resume if I were Kevin Wilson. Because any public endorsement by an athletic director is usually the kiss of death.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Indiana Hoosiers: Kevin Wilson receives vote of confidence, will probably be fired”

  2. “A guy tasked with improving” *the worst FBS program in history (based on L’s).

    By ChronicHoosier on Oct 5, 2012

  3. Wilson has made strides and it shows. IU showed some heart and flare at NU, and it did again today against MSU. Probably the youngest team in BT and perhaps the country, and that young it is hard to teach how to sustain good work and finish. Give him 2 years and this will be a very competitive program. Tired of the coaching carousel at IU. Let’s stick with him.

    By Guy Kornblum on Oct 6, 2012

  4. Indiana made a commitment to this coach he has some young players in place that are getting better mostly sophmores.They should at least give the man some recpect and let the man continue his mission.No less than 2 more years.Then evaluate what he has done.I guess the Athletic Director knows this can’t be done overnight,but it seems maybe not.I say if the coach goes so does AD.IU FAN #1978

    By Fred Spinks on Oct 21, 2012

  5. give coach 2 more years he is showing improvement all around this will surely in turn bring in better class of recruits. alot of help is needeed in the D line out side edges mainly and work on the penelties that has been big all year some D help and some third down stops and some third down conversions this season would have a whole lot better record then what it shows all in all keep coach give him time to get some recruits to help with the promises

    By B whaley on Oct 30, 2012

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