Manny Pacquiao would take less money to fight Floyd Mayweather

September 21, 2012 – 1:29 am by Ryan Phillips

On Thursday Manny Pacquiao landed a flush shot to the gut of the notion that he is avoiding a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. In two interviews with ESPN Pacquiao claimed that he would take a smaller cut of the profits from any fight with Mayweather to make it happen. For those who don’t know what that means, it’s a really big deal.

Pacquiao claims he would give Mayweather a 55-45 advantage on a financial split between the two just to make a fight happen. Mayweather has consistently refused to give the Filipino fighter an even split of the profits, despite the fact that a 50-50 deal is customary when two popular champions fight.

Over the past few years, Mayweather has additionally claimed that Pacquiao hasn’t agreed to Olympic-style drug testing, which, as we should all know by now is completely false. Pacquiao has agreed to full random testing for well over a year now, so Mayweather is lying about Pac-man not wanting to take tests.

Pacquiao has agreed not only to tests, but to take less money, and now the onus is squarely on Mayweather to make a fight happen. Both of the impediments that have supposedly kept “Money May” from taking what would be the biggest fight in boxing history have now been removed. At this point it’s up to Mayweather to make a fight happen.

Now we’ll hear the real truth. If Mayweather balks at taking a fight with Pacquiao now, we know he has been ducking the Filipino champion and has no intention to fight him.

As a boxing fan I appreciate that Pacquiao is willing to take a smaller cut of the fight – something he shouldn’t have to do at this point in his career – just to make the fight everyone wants to see happen.

Now it’s on Mayweather to make it happen.

Pacquiao is currently preparing to face Juan Manuel Marquez for the fourth time on December 8.

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  1. 53 Responses to “Manny Pacquiao would take less money to fight Floyd Mayweather”

  2. Of course ” pretty boy floyd” does not want to fight ” the pac man”. He know’s that after that fight, he won’t be so pretty anymore. He won’t get all that attention that he’s getting from boxing fans anymore when he loses. He’s really afraid of getting hurt. Mayweather is a really good fighter. His record shows that. But he has never faught a fighter that can bring the heat like pacquiao can. And he know’s he will get hurt. His biggest fear. He has no excuse not to fight pacquiao now. Now let’s see floyd sign on the dotted line now. To prove my point, i bet that coward will come up with a another excuse to not fight pacquiao.

    By lloyd b on Sep 21, 2012

  3. That is crazy that you think the fight should be a 50/50 Split. It should be 60/40 to Mayweather he is undefeated and his fights produce way more PPV buys then Pac-Man the numbers don’t lie. Marquez didn’t win a single round against Floyd. Marquez should have won the last fight against the Pac-Man. The guy was absolutely robbed. At the very worst for Marquez it was a draw.

    By Raleighwood007 on Sep 21, 2012

  4. It’s plain to see that you are in the cornor of Pac-Man. This fight has not happened because of Bob Arum, plain and simple. Also it wasn’t the random drug testing it’s Pac didn’t want to take them before the fight. And it wasn’t long ago that Pac wanted 50/50, so I need to hear the interview, because by your writting and being one sided, I can’t just take your word for it.

    By SB on Sep 21, 2012

  5. Pacquiao has to win first against Marquez on December 8, 2012 before we can make any issue regarding the Mayweather fight. Unless Marquez knocks Pacquiao out, I do not think he can win by decision. The Boxing world will not allow the BIG EVENT not to happen just by Marquez win by decision.

    By Luz Maderazo on Sep 21, 2012

  6. Pacman has had lead in his feet every fight since the Moseley fight, Floyd has looked more impressive the last year & a half between the two, althoght he did not score any points with me in his win over Cotto…neither Pacman or Floyd can make the kind of money they can make fighting each other, for that reason & the fact that they are at the end of their career makes Pacman or Arums gesture show that they want to fight before it is to late…Yes, Pacman has to knock Marquez out for me to have any interest in Pacman/Floyd fight…I would like to see Floyd go after Martinez at 154 after he beats Pacman, but based on his reluctance to fight Pacman I think although very talented, he has a little too much sugar in his shorts

    By Chorizo on Sep 21, 2012

  7. The fact that Pacquiao is taking a 4th fight with Marquez leads me to believe that Manny himself doesnt feel like he beat Marquez in any of those fights, his record against Marquez is 2-0 and 1, thats a winning record so why fight a 4th time? You dont have a winning record against a guy then choose him as your next opponent. Money May would beat Pacquiao because of his defense alone, so maybe Pacquiao knows that and also he saw what Floyd did to Marquez and thats something Manny just cant do to him, which is completely dominate him! There are fights out there for Floyd to take that would generate big money, Canelo, Sergio just to name a couple, but the boxing world will not be happy and this boxing nut wont be happy until Floyd and Manny get it on!

    By MIGUEL on Sep 21, 2012

  8. Well , if Pacquaio can get by Marquez , it seems we should have a super-fight . However , this is boxing , and anything can happen . Money may change his mind and want even more than 55 percent .. Who knows whats going on in his head ? Anyway , if the fight doesn;t materialize I think the pacman outta pack up , and focus on his country. The hell with boxing , what more does he need to prove if mayweather will not fight him ? Oh , there is one other factor , MONEY , and he can still make a lot of it , who knows whats left after living the way he has ? Good luck PACMAN…….

    By William Miner on Sep 21, 2012

  9. This fight is irrelevant now! They had their chance years ago but they refused to make it happen. Super Fight? I think not!

    By Abe Lopez on Sep 21, 2012

  10. Totally biased reporting here. Pacquaio may or may not have been juicing when Floyd called for the testing and Pac-Man refused; we’ll never know. What I do know is that IF Pacquaio deserved the decision over Bradley, it was way closer than most of these clowns called it. If Pac was robbed, why not go for immediate redemption against Bradley? He keeps waiting for Marquez to get old in there, but he has let his prime go by without facing the best of his generation in Floyd, who now would dominate Pac.

    By Chris DaCosta on Sep 21, 2012

  11. The Mayweather Pacquaio fight should have happened 3 years ago!!! I will not speculate on who would win both are great fighters. I will say this usually champion fighters will put things aside like gimme more money, drug testing, etc. and say let get it on I want to be the best so I need to fight the best guy out there. Like anything match-ups make the fights, I think this could be have been a classic Trilogy in boxing history. Not so much anymore both fighters are looking a little past their prime and the other fighters in the mix really can’t compare with the draw of these two. It’s like the old grade school stare down face to face, “are you gonna kiss or fight” lol

    By Frank Montiel on Sep 21, 2012

  12. Pac-Man just punked Gayweather! Now what all you Gayweather fans. He’s not gonna accept that! He will come with yet another excuse.. He’s scared BOO HOO! haha

    By Gordone on Sep 21, 2012

  13. Canelo would whoop Mayweathers butt. For reals

    By ludachris831 on Sep 21, 2012

  14. Lets not forget “Gayweather” as many of you call him, is undefeated. He is a champion, Pac man is not. Pac Man lost to Bradley, agree or disagree, and lost every fight to Marquez,IMO. I am over the whole thing now. Both of their ego’s led to this. Now they are both past their prime and interest in the fight has dwindled.

    By Brutally honest on Sep 21, 2012

  15. This is a joke floyd and pac already had this type of agreement when they first started discussing this 3years ago. Floyd said he wanted more money then what pac was going to get. Pac agreed to take less money back then too,but Bob (pac’s promoter) stated that he wanted a 50/50 split. This is why we are where we are with this shit today. It’s the same shit done over again. Now this dude gets on tv and say’s he wants to fight for less as if he is the hero and floyd is holding up this fight. floyd works for himself underneath a golden boy umbrella or course he’s going to want more money. All of his fights break pay-per view records pac on the other hand doesn’t do the same shit and he looked like shit in his last 3 fights!

    By anthony hampton on Sep 21, 2012

  16. Pretty punk floyd has run out of excuses.. Let’s see what he’ll do.. My guess is he’ll use the jail excuse.. His body couln’t handle being in a cell.. awe poor baby.

    By Mike on Sep 21, 2012

  17. In the infamous words of Johnny Mac. “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!” Of course Pac Man would take less money, what leverage does he have after losing his last 2 fights?? Tell you what, I’ll give him the Bradley decision he still has 4 losses on his record (yes I’m counting the loss to Marquez if I give him Bradley) and 2 draws. Mayweather still has his goose egg in the all important loss column. If your brain can’t calculate this equation then no problem, I’ll charge it to your hateful heart! Be real with yourself!

    By J Walkin on Sep 21, 2012

  18. Has anyone forgotten that Pacquiao lost his last fight? Therefore, IMO, this fight would be less appealing. Not only that but Floyd is fresh out of jail AND Manny has a fight in December. Seems to me like he’s just trying to capitalize on a couple different situations. Of course he’s gonna say he’ll take less money…he has to now. Since Manny just got beaten, this fight is no longer a must see match as it was before. He can thank Arum and his not wanting to do what’s necessary to make the fight happen when the time was right. Floyd doesn’t need this fight; Manny does.

    By L Frankly on Sep 21, 2012

  19. i will not pay a penny to watch boxing after that mickey mouse decision…wait for the news and laugh out loud save your money follow me !!!!!!!!!!!

    By ven49 on Sep 21, 2012

  20. Manny needs a hair cut to fight mayweather he pleaded guilty last December from a HAIR-PULLING and ARM TWISTING with former girlfriend.Congressman MANNY STAY HOME AND ENJOY LIFE WITH YOUR FAMILY.

    By ven49 on Sep 21, 2012

  21. fight for free ,all profit give to charity, then i will believe and boxing sport again.

    By VEN 49 on Sep 21, 2012

  22. Pac man doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Okay, he probably should have won that last decision against Bradley but he was simply dominated by an older Marquez in that last rematch. So karma worked its magic and world is right again. Ever since the talk of Super Bout between Paquiao and Mayweather started, the Pacman has been ducking, using his management as a scapegoat. This guy to me is nothing but a paper champ. He waits till his opponents are old, feeble, and on their way out till he musters up the courage to fight them. Don’t believe me…look at every Legend he has ever fought. Look how long it took for the Mosley fight to happen and shortly after his loss, he retired. Honestly, I haven’t been impressed with Pacman’s fighting for a long time and this is coming from once Pacman fan. If you ask me, Pacman is scared to fight Mayweather which is why sadly that bout will never take place unless the money is astronomically too great for Pacman to refuse that he contemplates retirement.

    By 9balla on Sep 21, 2012

  23. ludachris…Mayweather is way too fast for Canelo to deal with yet…Canelo is a good fighter in his developmental stages…Canelo would be a better match up with Martinez…I think it is time for Floyd to define his career as “I take all comers”…This has not been the attitude and it has given boxing a big black eye…You dont see that in MMA and I am a boxing fan…It is finally time if Pacquiao beats Marquez, for Manny and Floyd to do this and not wait any longer til their skills are too far diminished for the fans to enjoy a great fight…

    By Mike-Hoxbigor on Sep 21, 2012

  24. Enough you Mayweather kiss asses!.. Pacman is opening the opportunity for all of us to see the fight of the decade. Go tell your convicted idol to stop running. Let’s get it on!…

    BTW, for all of you who think Marquez won the 3 fights with PacMan. Either you are foolishly bias or need the services of Optalmologist. Sharpen your eyes and your minds too!.. Just my thoughts!…

    By Justmytots on Sep 21, 2012

  25. @Justmytots You should be one to talk. Go and watch that last Marquez fight. He clearly outscored and dominated Manny for 8 rounds. Manny didn’t have an answer and appeared confused and frustated for most of the fight. The worried look on his wife’s face before the decision said it all. So you better find a new champ to back!

    By 9balla on Sep 21, 2012

  26. Floyd would make Manny look like an amatuer hands down! Why? He is simply too fast and quick on the feet. And he can hit Manny at will just like Marquez has done all three fights and this time around, Manny will lose to Marquez like he really did the last two fights. Mayweather is simply the best fighter, pound for pound, in the entire world!

    By Wayne on Sep 21, 2012

  27. 55-45?? This should be a 60-40 split for Mayweather the true one and only undefeated pound for pound champion. With that said Floyd should sign up and then beat the crap out of Manny like I know he would do. This won’t happen because Pac will still want a catch weight of 145 and Floyd would struggle to make 147 at this point of his carrer. Too little too late Manny…..Unless Manny is willing to challenge for the 154 title which he is not…catch weight of 150 may also get this done…but Manny is not willing to do this either I’m sure. 2Bad.

    By JLove1140 on Sep 22, 2012

  28. I can’t understand worshipping Mayweather. Pacquiao seems like a decent sort. I thought he won the 3rd Marquez fight too, as he threw more, landed more and came forward throughout without ever getting hurt. It was the closer than the other one Pacquiao won though. In any event, he clearly wants to fight Mayweather who seems a little squeamish and too fond of his 0. I’d think the time to celebrate being undefeated would be after you retired. He’ll be as good as Joe Calzaghe then I guess. So what?

    By WWalsh on Sep 22, 2012

  29. Both of these guys are getting older and Pacman just lost his last fight and he didn’t look that good to me. So these guys better put something together or they will both lose a big payday.

    By BrooklynBoxer on Sep 22, 2012

  30. Floyd ducking Pacquiao Pacquiao ducking Floyd, la-di-dah-didahhhhh! Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are ducking all of us boxing fans period!

    These two should call a press conference and have their negotiation be televised so that all fans would really know what is going on. And after all the negotiation sessions there will be a questions and answers from the fans.

    If the purse and revenue split is not settled, each fighter should have their own toll free number to order the PPV and each would keep all the calls orders. 1-800-MPACMAN 1-800-FLOYDJR

    By maypac on Sep 23, 2012

  31. Styles make a fight, I doubt if Pacman and Mayweather would be a great fight. It would strongly resemble a earlier Pacman/Marquez fight. The toughest fight Mayweather has had is Cotto, who was knocked out by Pacman. I’m a Pacman fan, but mostly a fight fan. I believe Mayweather would outpoint Pacman in a disappointing fight, because Pacman shows signs of seriously slowing. If Mayweather stood toe to toe, it probaly would be a great fight. American fans need Mayweather to step up to the plate.

    By fightfan on Sep 23, 2012

  32. wow, you guys dont know shit about boxing !! manny pacquio has losses on his career, but the ultimate fact is that he fought amazing fighters.
    styles make fights and that is why pacman struggles but beats marquez and floyd schooled marquez.
    you guys think floyd is undefeated ??
    He LOST to Jose Luis Castillo in their first fight around 8-4.. being you guys dont know anything about boxing, you didnt see it.
    because floyd LOST that fight and got a robbery decision , he immediately took a rematch and beat him convincingly around 9-3, 8-4.
    floyd struggled against cotto, manny killed him, floyd fought 11 rounds against hatton, manny knocked him out in 2 !

    as far as floyd has higher ppv numbers, this may be true, but the fact is, it will be higher against pacman.
    floyd will get a million buys against canelo, martinez, berto, but he will get 2 million buys against pacman.

    for those who say pacman hasnt looked great in his last few fights ? the entire world thought the ” loss” to bradley was the worst decision in boxing history.
    pacman beat bradley around 9-3 at worst 8-4. and lets not forget, bradley is in his prime and was undefeated.

    floyd mayweather is slipping and getting hit more than before, in fact victor ortiz would probably have won the fight if he didnt get sucker punched ( although he deserved it for the head butt)
    as you get older your reflexes start to go, and lately floyd is against the ropes a lot more just like roy jones was when he started getting older.

    floyd should be able to beat pacman but this is not a fight you could bet your house on, it really is an even match up. floyd on points, or pacman by knock out..
    as far as pacman vs marquez, i thought the first fight was a draw and the next 2 pacman won CLEAR. fans see what they want to see and like the underdog to win, so they felt marquez did well and won, i hope this 4th fight is the final time they meet and is a clear victory to the better man.

    By WiteTyson on Sep 23, 2012

  33. We all know that money hungry Gayweather will find another excuse, maybe he will randomly find a Lady on the street and hit her too so he will get thrown in jail again. At least in there he can be a pretty boy, ha ha.

    By Junior on Sep 23, 2012

  34. No my friend YOU (WiteTyson) don’t know BOXING!!! ANd it is obvious your a shill for the filipino faker. 1. ANYONE who fights will tell you that you don’t gain knockout power late in your career unless you’re juicing. 2. It’s not a maybe Floyd has better PPV numbers…HE OWNS THE RECORDS FOOL (go look)!!! 3. The true source of the impasse preventing the fight is the utter deep-seated hatred between Floyd and Bob Arum. Arum is a slime-ball user who hates that Floyd left him and is making more $$$ without him. And he STILL owes Floyd for TWO old fights!!! 50/50…PLEASE! If pacquiao left Arum today, Floyd would agree to a 50/50 tomorrow…guaranteed! 4. Floyd SLIPPING???? I want some of the #&$%*@ you’re smoking! He looked good as ever his last fight. #pound4pound

    And Ryan Phillips, you must be righting this piece to get a reaction (it always works), because there is no way someone covers this sport for a living and doesn’t know the shit I just put down…


    By CAmbrose on Sep 23, 2012

  35. Manny Pacquiao already agreed to Floyd Mayweathers’ demand for blood test/urine test and OSDT about two years ago. Even though Manny Pacquiao deserves 50 – 50 he is willing to take (less) 45% just to make the fight everyone wants to see happens. The question is will that be enough for PBF because PBF claims that all revenue such as PPV belongs to him and he didn’t want to share. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Whatever Floyd! Each fighter should have their own toll free number to order the PPV and each would keep all the calls orders. 1-800-MPACMAN 1-800-FLOYDJR. This is the best way to settle that issue.

    By maypac on Sep 23, 2012

  36. Dude, you are terribly slanted to the point of schoolyard daring and ‘yellow journalism’. The coward in this rant is YOU. Since we are engaged to entertain your childish whining regard what’s fair ala’ a 50/50 split, when does popularity transfer in dollars when there is an undefeated champ vs. a challenger (who is also a champ, but a challenger). This means the top spot is in Mayweather’s favor. Be brave and admit, Mayweather is smart – he knows his value and he knows/plays his roll as a villainous arrogant pretty well. Almost too well. Mayweather is the money team and this dude is going to make a stupid killing of Pac-Man and the PPV.

    By Edward on Sep 23, 2012

  37. Gayweather fans,say what you want, but if Floyd is so good and has a perfect record, why has he been running from PAC? “starin in my rearview”

    By Gayweather on Sep 23, 2012

  38. Theres a lot of Gayweather admirers here and its damned creepy.

    By GayweatherFansSuck on Sep 23, 2012

  39. Its me Flo. Thank you to the white boys here that want to be me. I aint about to fight dat little mudda fugga. If you silly lilly white boys want to see dat so much you hop in the ring wid him. Now which of you white boys gonna give me some of dat lilly white azz?

    By Flo Gayweather on Sep 23, 2012

  40. The thing is with Pac is he has been fighting without PED’s that’s why he looks like crap. Early on he was and got away with it.

    By Zerothe on Sep 24, 2012

  41. Guys! Thanks for defending me. Go praise me more I’m the best in thw world. Pacquiao is good but I’m the best. He should have 30 and i will have 70 to be fair with me. I f he agrees with that I will fight him. Com’on praise me more I’m your lord….:)

    By Mayweather Jr. on Sep 24, 2012

  42. Anyone who says that Pac lost his last fight didn’t see the fight. The decision was universally condemned! I saw it, the reporters saw it, and the whole Pay-Per-View audience saw it, and all were stunned by the decision of the “three blind mice.” Pac WON that fight without any question. Those refs were either bought off or they were gay and hated Pac’s comments about gays.

    By Netgk on Sep 24, 2012

  43. Boxing is a business that affords one with talent and brains to make a futune. At the end of the day, the competitors are the ones that get their brains knock out and shortly after they retire or die, who cares. Therefore, Mayweather looked out for your own interest and longevity and screw the critics. You are the champ without a belt, which gives you the opportunity to call the shots. BOO HOO HOO name calling cry baby critics!!!

    By robert smith on Sep 24, 2012

  44. well its plain to see that mayweather is still ducking pac-man,he is all talk,pac-man will beath him easy,any time any where,so come on mayweather show us we are wrong

    By gil on Sep 24, 2012

  45. As ” winning or losing ” is concerned , its allways the one better prepared or odds in your favor that accomplish the task at hand. Doesnt matter if you was the baddest yesterday.Today you could be worst.History has shown us that.A fighter knows that.Thats why they say ….. NEXT TIME. One lesser fighter could win over a better fighter with the flick of a wrist. I teach MMA and mixed boxing ” yeah its coming to a theater near you , lol . And its very apparent with the students . They learn to anticiptae each others moves. Ive had 90 lb female submit 180 lb males. So all this ” he’ll knock this or that ” is purely speculation .

    If I make the PPV world rich and break records , its only natural for me to make a better cut to a party that your invited to . ITS MY PARTY . And your invited. No doubt that this fight would be epic. Wheteher they dance around the ring on bicycles and smack each other with NURF light sabers . It will BLOCK BUST.

    They all have reasons for there …. reasons . Fans forget that fighters are under alot of ….. HANDLERS . And mostly dont have nothing to do with the PR. MOSTLY. We have all said one time or another , ” I’ma tear you up , and found out that was further from the truth . A technician in my world beats a brawler in terms of WINNING 8 out of 10 times . Lets stop speculating the speculation . Even though PPV hadlers love this $#IT . Tats how they determine how much to charge .

    I have a mutual respect for all fighters . After the money is gone or used up by friends and family . All ur left with is a wheelchair , posturepedic bed , cane and ppl handing you things to sign .


    By ruestah on Sep 24, 2012

  46. Nbodys beating nobody . Unless you were prepared to loose and did everything to stop that .

    By ruestah on Sep 24, 2012

  47. I’m a boxing judge, and IMO Mayweather LOST to Oscar De La Hoya by a slim margin. I think that Mayweather isn’t sure that he can flat out beat Pacman, that’s why he won’t take the fight. Victor Ortiz was getting the best of him in that last round before Mayweather pulled the fast one and hit him with a cheap shot to end the fight. Granted, Ortiz did head butt him, but Mayweather knew he couldn’t keep up with Ortiz.

    I can’t wait to see Pacman beat Marquez AGAIN!

    By LADY BOXING FAN on Sep 24, 2012

  48. Listen ….every fighter fights another boxer by their particular style. You cannot compare one fighters match against another fighters because styles make fights. I have always believed that Mayweather ducked the pacman because of his particular style of fighting. he knows it will be a long hard road and very well could lose. I think he`ll keep ducking till retirement. He has to much money.

    By ed brick on Sep 24, 2012

  49. Here goes another idiot expressing his views about fighters being scared to fight. Enough of this nonsense folks. We can talk for the next 20 years or so. We can give our opinions on what will happen, who will win, and who is scared to fight. The media has caused this topic to get way out of controll. Interview after interview. The fact of the matter is that until they both agree on terms, and step into the ring, lets stop the crazy talking, debating, and disrespect towards other readers on here. I’m a fan of both fighters and really dont care who wins. Both are excellent and Hall of Famers to. So if they do decided to lace up the gloves and go to war, whoever wins has the right to talk as much as they want because they have the right and the evidence to prove it.

    By tyrone on Sep 24, 2012

  50. I couldn’t have said it any better tyrone

    By maypac on Sep 25, 2012

  51. ChickenWeather will never fight PAcman as long as Pacman has skills. he will wait till they are both long and faded and “broke” before he fights him, even then he still may not cause time slows all fighters..but their power is still there.. Pacman will always be able to punch and this is Chickenweathers fight no time soon…i say boycott all future ChickenWeather fights until he fights someone reputable or challengeable. and stop fighting pacmans leftovers..

    By tajblack on Sep 27, 2012

  52. I’ll tell you what, both of these fighters screwed themselves royally by posturing and blaming everyobdy else for not making this fight happen when it was most relevent. I will not pay a dime to see either fight as both fighters are guilty of thier own stupidity and IMO lost thier dominant appeal. Mayweather should have fought him and already had a rematch working on a megafight trilogy.
    Bob Arum has steered Pacman every way but to the biggest payday he’s ever had and Pac let him do it.
    Millions have been lost and they should both be ashamed of each others stupidity.
    I know many fight fans that feel the same way which means you guys already lost our $59.99 or whatever u planned on charging. Stu-PID !

    By Ben on Sep 28, 2012

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