Jim Core, NFL Replacement Referee, Works At a Middle School

September 5, 2012 – 11:16 pm by Ryan Phillips

During Wednesday night’s NFL season opener between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, the NFL trotted out a crew of replacement officials. Leading that group was Jim Core, who may have had the worst resume for the head of a crew in the history of the league.

Core had never called a regular season NFL game before, and he wasn’t working with the crew he worked with during the preseason. In addition to that, his day job is as an activities director at Sawtooth Middle School in Meridian, Idaho.

Core has also called NAIA football games in addition to games that involved the Arena2’s Boise Burn, but that’s it.

Neil Peterson, who is the supervisor of officials for the Frontier Conference had this to say that he “is a competent official He does a great job in our conference.”

Well if that isn’t a resounding endorsement I don’t know what is.

While I don’t think the replacement officials were terrible on Wednesday, it’s not exactly reassuring that the guy leading the crew in the season’s opening game hangs out with middle schoolers during the week.

Seriously guys, this is the best you can do? I think I speak for everyone in America when I say that the NFL must get back to the negotiating table and bring back the real officials.

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