Jalen Rose tried to injure Kobe Bryant during 2000 NBA Finals

September 19, 2012 – 12:00 am by Ryan Phillips

On his podcast on ESPN’s Grantland Network, Jalen Rose made a serious admission in a clip released on Tuesday.

In the audio clip Rose admits that as a member of the Indiana Pacers during the 2000 NBA Finals, he intentionally tried to injure Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. As Bryant went up for a jump shot, Rose stuck his foot under the Lakers’ superstar, in the hopes that he would land on it, turning an ankle, or worse.

Bryant did, in fact, land on Rose’s foot during the second quarter of Game 2 of that series. Bryant played just nine minutes in that game (which the Lakers won by seven), and missed Game 3, which the Pacers won 100-91.

Rose said the following in the clip:

“NBA Finals, 2000. Kobe. Bean. Bryant. Goes up for a jump shot on the right wing, I contest the jump shot, Kobe lands on my foot. He hobbles off, and he actually misses the next game.”

“Now, if it was up to me? If it was up to me? He should’ve just missed the whole series. I would have had a championship ring, and it’d be no harm, no foul.”

After badgering from his producer Dave Jacoby, Rose said the following:

“I can’t say that it was an accident.”

When Jacoby asks him how he has maintained a strong relationship with Bryant, Rose replied:

“He never knew I did it on purpose. But now he does.” 

As a former basketball player I can tell you, the foot trick on a jump shot is one of, if not the dirtiest play in the game. Essentially sticking your leg out so someone lands on it and is injured is just plain wrong.

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  1. 67 Responses to “Jalen Rose tried to injure Kobe Bryant during 2000 NBA Finals”

  2. A lot of Laker-haters on here. If Kobe was such a bad Defender, why did he make 1st team All-defense 9 times? He always guarded the BEST perimeter player on other team, regardless of size differential! I remember up until 2009 or so, Kobe used to basically LOCK DOWN Lebron, an he is 40 lbs lighter and 2 inches shorter, yet if you look up the stats, those were NOT very good statistical games for Lebron!

    Do some research HATERS b4 mouthing off!

    And Jalen at least admits he was what we all know he has always been..a PUNKASS!!

    But he is a good analyst!

    By PatrickLA on Sep 20, 2012

  3. The Heat have owned the Lakers the last 2-3 years, YOU check it out.

    And please Patricia from LA, you’ve got grammar mistakes too, but this is a basketball forum, not english class. You knew what I meant,even if I did mispell a word.

    Laker bull – I don’t teach my kids to hate, just play the game the right way, you know, like Kome did in that playoff game vs Phoenix a few years ago, where he was pissed off at Phil or his teammates or the hotel staff or whatever, and – as the leading scorer on his team – in a close out game, squeezed off like 4 shots in the first half, I guess to prove some point. What a POS! What an example of a petchulant little kid!

    Go get ’em VOLUME SCORER! Why do you think quality FAs aren’t flocking to LA to play with this a$$? They’ld rather play with a team than with a selfish fool like the grounded mamba.

    Get out of the second round lately? 1 – 8

    By eyeballtwo on Sep 20, 2012

  4. Shame on you Jalen! You represented my favorite team.

    By FreeAgentID on Sep 20, 2012

  5. Oh wait: Are we supposed to pretend to be surprised by this kind of thuggery on the basketball court? Oops…

    By MrsMiller on Sep 20, 2012

  6. It’s one thing to comment, but altogether another when some FOOL like “Steve” claims that the Lakers are the worst offenders for this type of dirty play…yeah, I am sure this self appointed judge has all the stats from all the games and has spent countless hours of research to come to this conclusion…what a load of crap and a bald faced lie.

    By chris on Sep 20, 2012

  7. Yes, the Lakers are the staple of good behaviour on the court.

    Bynum slammin’ Berrera on the court, then leaving the court shirtless.

    Lamar Odom’s antics on and off the court.

    Artest with the measured blow to Harden’s head.

    Kome chasing Doug Christie down in the hallway after getting tossed.

    Pure class!

    And if you believe that, then here’s another whopper for you.

    As a Christian I am SO offended by the trashing of my religion that I innocently wonder by a Libyan embassy and my RPG went off. Wasn’t planned, just happened.

    By eyeballtwo on Sep 21, 2012

  8. I probably watch for this tactic more than most since I’ve rolled my ankle no less than 20 times.

    I’m not surprised by Jalen’s honesty. This happens more than most believe. I’ve been to games and have even seen superstars do this to lesser players–no one likes to be shown up.

    It’s a dirty play that is almost impossible to prove intent. It should be an automatic ejection if the replay can show the defender stepped under the shooter for whatever the reason.

    By Javon on Sep 21, 2012

  9. If Jalen Rose did something like this, why come out about it 12 yrs later?! Bruce Bowen was know for doing the same kind of stuff, which is why Ray Allen & Michael Finley were ready to fight rather than play ball, but one of you mention Bowen as one of the top defenders that didnt get the recognition he deserved b/c he didnt make mulitiple all nba D-teams. He didnt get that recognition b/c he was known around the league as a dirty player whom the refs let commit fouls; especially on the stars. As far as Kobe, he was a very good defender early in his career, but has not been as solid in recent years, however if you recall the 1st round series with OKC back in 2010. That series was swung when he was switched on to Westbrook. (Even though Westbrook had not yet developed the deadly free throw line jumper that he has now) Kobe also did a good job locking down James Harden in that last series. Also, note that Kobe was deemed the best defender on the ’08 Redeem team (which included LBJ) by Coach K. So all this nonsensical tom foolery about Kobe not playing D is typical Laker/Kobe hater rhetoric. All yall Laker haters ever do is wait until a year where the Lakers dont win the championship to talk smack about how they were eliminated from the playoffs, but I have news for you; NO TEAM WINS EVERY YEAR! Even if they are expected to. But obviously whoever your teams are dont have those type of lofty expectations, or you probably don’t have a team at all; which in turn, is Laker haterism in its purest form. Get a real team thats actually expected to win more than once every blue moon!

    By Juggernaut584 on Sep 21, 2012

  10. Ok I’m not gonna speak to the Laker haters (I’m a fan and what you think/say won’t change my opinion, thats real fandom) and honstly I don’t feel a need to defend my team ( the championships and hall of fame player and winning seasons speak for themselves) Jalen admitted to some dirty play. He isn’t gonna make the HoF, nobody cares what he did to Kobe anymore anyways. It was dirty he got away with it big whoop. Here is a solid fact to chew on… Between the two teams the Lakers and the Celtics have won half of all NBA championships EVER! The Celtics hold the edge in number, hell the Celtics had perhaps the most complete team of all time during the 60s. The Showtime Lakers where a cultural phenomenon, EVERYBODY and i do mean EVERYBODY in the 80s knew who the lakers players were. Sure hating on Kobe is easy, but think about this…he has 5 rings and he is only 33 years old, hes got miles left on the tires, maybe not fresh miles, and for sure his best years are behind him, but without any doubt he is one of the best players of all time (no he isn’t the second coming of Jordan, but neither is LBJ) now lets look at Lebron, Yes LBJ is a tremendous defender, and IMO the second best in the NBA ( sorry Dwight’s D is so good he changes whole teams gameplans not just one players plan) All that being said…If you arent a fan of the Lakers/Celtics your team is historicly just not as good as the Lakers/Celtics…thats real world math….60 NBA championships 33 of them owned by the Lakers/Celtics and the same said teams also played for 11 other total titles they didnt win so all in all 44 of 60 total NBA titles have been contested by either the Lakers/Celtics or both!

    By Jonathan on Sep 21, 2012

  11. I just like to say one thing about Koby’s defence. Leborn James!!! If Koby doesn’t have any defence, why is King James totally shut down when Koby defends against him. An I am a Laker fan.

    By coolbandit1 on Sep 21, 2012

  12. I love it when these types of “non topic” discussions come up. The topic is Jalen Rose being dirty but finally coming clean with how dirty he was. WTF does Jalen Rose purposely hurting Kobe have to do wit how much money Kobe has made, how many championships Lakers/Celtics have, etc.? The point is there is so much disdain for Kobe because he was the individual best player in his peak, and now in his decline he could have been the scoring champion this past season if he scored like 45 – 50 points in the last game of the season but decided to rest up and think about the team game instead of 1 upping Durant to get another scoring title. No matter what you do, if you are the best, people will hate. Jay-Z and Beyonce are being touted as devil worshippers, Tiger for cheating on his wife, Bill clinton for getting some head and getting caught, etc etc whatever. People always act like what they do is angelic but every person in existence I know has skeletons in they closet. We are all human and make mistakes. Being able to admit that you make mistakes is very honorable even if what you did is unexcusable. People with internal problems that want to crap on others that make mistakes simply need to look in the mirror and reflect on themselves when they make a mistake before judging others actions. Bottom line is, Kobe has done enough in his career to be a household name without a last name. And even when you see Bryant in books and media or wherever you are and no Kobe in front of it, you still think about Kobe. That alone is enough to cause people to hate his ass just because of how much impact he has on the world around him whether it is good or bad. It is never good to applaud something like injuring a player to turn the tides of a series, people like you and me pay very good money to go to the games or hell, watch it on cable tv (my cable bill is well over $100 a month and all i do is keep it on the sports channels), so I pay to see the best, not bs. Whats a Lakers vs Heat game if either or both LBJ and/or Kobe is injured or not playing? Just another BBall game. So in general people, lets clean this mess up and just congratulate people on what they do and keep the negative comments to yourself. Just putting out a negative comment out on the internet shows that you have hate in your blood, just let it go and think about stuff that really matters in life like raising a family or getting promoted at work and let the entertaining stuff like TV and sports be just that, entertainment when you are on your down time.

    By just tim on Sep 21, 2012

  13. eyeballtwo, since you self-admitted to being a coach, I’m assuming you have some college. For you to mention Kobe and the Colorado incident of the past is low and ignorant. Perhaps you remember that the prosecutor resigned. Might it be perhaps he and his team fabricated the story in an attempt to get a conviction against Kobe, and perhaps he himslef was going to get arrested for falsifying evidence. Stick to talking about the Heat.

    By jetam on Sep 21, 2012

  14. So many damn kobe haters. everytime i asked each hater, male or female. why do you hate on kobe so much?? they all say the same thing…….”he think he is the shit” SHIT HE IS!

    By lakerstheshit on Sep 21, 2012

  15. eyeballtwo. i am really SICK OF YOU FOR REAL!

    By lakerstheshit on Sep 21, 2012

  16. wow eyeball2 cry much? You sound scared of a new Laker dynasty being born. Miami finally won a chamionship by getting players that conspired (against league rules) to make a super team grats. ONE championship does not make a DYNASTY and does not change LBJ from the loser he is into a winner. Come back and brag when Miami has three in a row until then you like all the rest have to bow to the Laker dynasty. BTW Miami isn’t getting 2 in row let alone 3.

    By Dave on Sep 22, 2012

  17. talk all the smack you all want, but if you saw kobe carrying two bags walking into a hotel, you’d be like ,”let me help you with one a those kobe!” And then you’d probably flash a smile on top a that! then when you get to his room , you would polish his knob before he puts a hand on it……door knob idiot…but you were thinking it …..i knew it !!! hahaha

    By kev on Sep 24, 2012

  18. Whew, here comes the tolerant Hollywood/Los Angeles crowd,just in time to save this conversation. That-a-way to spread your tolerance, through hate and name calling.

    Hey, did you march for anyone’s First Amendment rights lately? Bet your pretty selective when that subject comes around. Silence any unborn kids lately?

    Heat players breaking rules? Yes, that would be the first time players ever talked to each other off the court in the off season. Better penalize/deamonize them.

    Kobe shutting down LBJ. Must of been the all-star game, cause HEAT have ruled the Lakers the last three years, and one of those years it was Kobe trying to keep up with Flash.

    Clinton’ crime wasn’t getting a monica in the White House office, it was lying under oath – don’t try to rewrite history on me. Remember the dress that wound up under his secretary’s bed? I think that’s why he was disbarred in Arkansas, not for having sex outside of his marriage with an intern.

    Lately the Lakers have struggled mightly, sort of understated, I know. When you’ve won only 11% of your second round contests in the last two years, well, you sort of sucked during those campaigns.

    But keep those ‘kobe was thinking about his team, and not himself’ lines coming. It makes for some comical fiction.

    fa q

    By eyeballtwo on Sep 24, 2012

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