Florida State Deserves No Shot At Title

September 4, 2012 – 11:16 pm by Hickey

Florida State is ranked sixth in both major college football polls, which means the Seminoles are in a good spot to rise to the top by season’s end. But if voters have a conscience, the Noles will have no shot at getting there.

After blowing out FCS (Division I-AA) Murray State 69-3 to start the season, FSU welcomes the mother of all cupcakes to campus when Savannah State comes calling this week. That would be the same Savannah State that just lost 84-0 to Oklahoma State, and was only that close because the Cowboys called off the dogs in the second half.

You see, Savannah State isn’t just a I-AA program. It is possibly the worst program in the entire Subdivision. Last year Savannah lost 63-6 to Southeastern Louisiana — a team that finished 3-8 in the FCS.

And now a team is trying to say it belongs in the conversation for a national title with that team on its schedule. It cannot be deemed acceptable.

With a 12-game schedule now the norm, we live in an age where virtually every I-A team is playing I-AA opponents once a year. The small schools like the pay day, the big schools like having an extra home gate and another win.

But two FCS opponents, with one of them being Savannah State? Totally inexcusable. If Florida State played in the WAC or the Sun Belt, this might be acceptable behavior. It’s not for a team with an honest-to-goodness chance of running the table this year. I’d venture to say any SEC, Big 12, Pac-12 or Big Ten team with one loss will be more deserving of a title shot than an undefeated Florida State.

As it stands, FSU has three ranked teams on its schedule. None are in the Top 10. If Boise State ran the table with that kind of weak sauce, no one would give the Broncos a shot at the championship. They shouldn’t give the Seminoles one, either.

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  1. 22 Responses to “Florida State Deserves No Shot At Title”

  2. I mentioned this on Twitter, but I’ll also comment.

    First and foremost, in the interest of full disclosure I am a proud Seminole fan.

    However, I think you are off-base with this post. Maybe you had forgotten or didn’t know that this week was supposed to be Florida State vs. West Virginia. It would have been #6 vs. #8 in primetime (if I recall correctly it was supposed to be a 8 p.m. game on ABC, but that may be incorrect with NASCAR in that spot).

    Savannah State is only on FSU’s schedule because they were a last minute replacement team to fill up their schedule. WVU’s Big XII schedule forced them to cut the Noles, and they sent 500,000 as compensation. The Noles then had to give 485,000 to SSU to take the game. There were a few D-1A teams available but nothing could be agreed upon (because no one wanted to give up money).

    With that said, I also mentioned prior to the season that depending on how it all shook out at season’s end I didn’t think FSU deserved a title shot, if they were undefeated, over a one-loss SEC team. If it came to that. But I think it’s off-base to attack FSU for adding Savannah State when you look at the circumstances. Oklahoma State on the other hand wasn’t under the time crunch that FSU was… take that for what you will.

    By Nathan on Sep 5, 2012

  3. i agree with nathan…way off base…west virginia should be put out there

    By douglas moore on Sep 5, 2012

  4. To blame FSU for RESCHEDULING in Savannah State is moronic. FSU exhausted itself trying to find a replacement, contacting many FBS schools including many in the Top 25. FSU perennially plays one of the toughest non-conference schedules. Usually having only one FCS school or lower-tier (bottom 40) FBS school. They had planned on playing WVU, USF and UF this year. They had scheduled Oklahoma and UF in 2011. Oklahoma, BYU and UF in 2010. BYU, USF, and UF in 2009. How many other schools can you say plan to play 2 or 3 top tier (top 40) non-conference games? Definitely the USC Trojans. Other than LSU, not many SEC schools can say that. FSU has always played a tough non conference schedule since they played two of the top teams in the nation every year in UM and UF for many years. I think you should reconsider your position since WVU is to blame for FSU having the Savannah State “cupcake” on their schedule.

    By Dan on Sep 5, 2012

  5. obviously this guy is just an anti-fsu fan!

    By TITUST on Sep 5, 2012

  6. Not to beat a dead horse, BUT!!!!!!!!!!
    Year end and year out, top 25 teams schedule these types of programs early in the year as sort of tune up games, thus the reason for pre-season games in the NFL. And since College football does not have such programs, these games will continue to take place. These Games have significant meaning for all teams involved. It gives the more prominent programs to asses their temas going into the difficult part of theri schedules, and the lower teams and their players to experience big game atmospheres, not to mention the paydays involved. The young men get the opportunity of a lifetime. To play under a national spotlight. Never less, you can not penalize teams for scheduling these games, especially when a team dros them off their schedule at the worst possible time. FSU made every effort to reschedule a quality opponent. Therefore, should not be penalized. Alabama USC LSU all top tear teams do this, but you never see them penalized for this process. And Boise State!!!!
    Please! They were put through the ringer because of the teams they scheduled. They lost the big games that would have given them their opportunity and won the big bowl game when given the opportunity. But in all fairness, they are not FSU or Alabama or LSU. Now are they?

    By Donny1028 on Sep 5, 2012

  7. This guy is ignorant….not very intelligent. For god’s sake, his name is Hicky….lol

    By John on Sep 5, 2012

  8. Or, you know, Hickey. Either way John.

    By Ryan Phillips on Sep 6, 2012

  9. Donny,
    Yes, but that doesn’t make it OK. USC, UCLA and Notre Dame have never played FCS (I-AA) teams. If other teams wanted to really do it they could build similar schedules. They just want the easy win on their schedules.

    Frankly wins over FCS schools shouldn’t count as a win in the BCS formula. If you go 12-0 but 2 wins come against FCS schools, your official record should be 10-0. Just a modest proposal.

    By Ryan Phillips on Sep 6, 2012

  10. I’m not anti-FSU. Think of it this way: if this team were to go to the title game, how much of an insult is that to the great ’93 and ’99 teams that went through the ringer to win a national title?

    This is the problem with a 12-game schedule. Everybody’s got cupcakes, and now Florida State has a couple. It weakens college football as an overall product. I just hope scheduling it taken more seriously when they start the four-team playoff.

    By Hickey on Sep 6, 2012

  11. ok Hickey, Maybe you should look at LSU, Alabama, USC, Oregon, Oklahoma, and wisconsin. Look at the games they are playing this weekend, ALL NO NAME TEAMS, how moronic are you going to be talking about fsu like that, get off of FSU, every team in college football plays no name teams, look who the top 5 are playing for example this weekend. sounds anti-fsu to me.

    By Allen on Sep 6, 2012

  12. Ryan, I agree. It is not ok and I apologize if I sounded that way. It was not my intention to justify anything of that nature. But in all fairness to FSU, year end and year out they try to schedule high profile opponents. Just like the Notre Dame’s and the UCLA’s. West Virginia put them in a very uncomfortable position. And West Virginia would have done much more, if they were to win, to improve their chances at a National Championship, if they were to run the table. Knowing FSU that has been a big if lately. I am and always will be an FSU Fan. Win or loose.
    And I also totally agree that these games should not count. Thus the reasoning behind my mention of tune-up games. But they do.
    And until the game becomes pure again, there will remain to be these widely lopsided games on team schedules. But every now and then one team comes along and upsets the big guys. This is the dream of all of these lower tier teams.
    And God loves them win they do.
    I enjoyed reading your post.
    Cheers my friend.

    By Donny1028 on Sep 6, 2012

  13. Again, my point is FSU is playing TWO no-name teams. This gives them a weaker schedule than any other title contender. Period. The ’93 team scheduled strong enough that it could survive losing to Notre Dame. This schedule is so weak that even if FSU has the most talented team they deserve to be penalized for not challenging themselves. The ACC is clearly the fifth-best Big 6 conference. They should have held WVU’s feet to the fire about this, because without quality non-conference games they shouldn’t be held on the same plane as other contenders in better leagues.

    By Hickey on Sep 6, 2012

  14. FSU fan, Anti-FSU, does this does not really matter.
    The point is and always will be.
    As long as schools jump conferences for bigger paydays and bigger coverage, these things will continue to happen. PERIOD
    And really, who do you think is going to suffer most. THE PLAYERS OF FSU!!!!!
    These are the young men who practice day in and day out for the opportunity to play for a national championship. These are the young men who will suffer.
    If FSU beats the remaining teams on their schedule, if they win the ACC Championship, they deserve to be in consideration for a spot in the BCS Championship. Given their are only two unbeaten teams. They have worked hard and they deserve it. But the sad thing is, they know a good 1 loss SEC team will beat them out of a chance of that ever happening. Thus the reason for a strength of schedule ranking.
    The true looser in all of this is the players on the FSU football team.
    Has anyone thought of them?
    FSU fan or Anti-FSU
    you will all have to agree
    The kids loose

    By donny1028 on Sep 7, 2012

  15. As a graduate of FSU and now living in Ohio The Noles have always played great teams at the start of the season. Unlike other major schools such as Ohio State which schedules 3 to 4 cream puff schools at the start of the season and we all know their reputation for winning. I truely believe that if they win the ACC they should have a chance at the Title. FSU vs Ohio State record Won 5 lost O. GO NOLES!!!!

    By Doyle Hensley on Sep 8, 2012

  16. This guy clearly did not do his homework before posting this article. Had he even spent two minutes looking into this he would have seen that WVU put us in this spot….this wasn’t FSU trying to beat up on the little guy. But don’t worry, we will beat Clemson, UF, and VA. Tech along the way to validate our shot at the National Championship.

    By Rick on Sep 10, 2012

  17. So having to reschedual, FSU could only find Savannah ??? BS ! and yall know it ! Pull your heads out of the sand.

    By bryan on Sep 15, 2012

  18. FSU’s strength of schedule ranks 60th. argument over.

    By Eli on Sep 15, 2012

  19. If FSU beats Clemson or any of the other teams they face by a thin margin, they wont impress enough to get into the championship game. But if they blow out all the teams they play (like they did with Wake Forest, who beat them last year, they should be considered championship material. PERIOD!
    Playing divisionll teams is not very good preperation and is a disadvantage, not an advantage.

    By bob traudt on Sep 17, 2012

  20. Alabama has two cupcakes in their first four games. Western Kentucky and Florida Atlantic. Are these two teams world beaters? FSU could do the same thing to these two teams as they did to the SSU. A lot of the high profile teams will not put a FSU on their schedule because if they lose, there goes their chance at a National Title shot.

    By Robert on Sep 19, 2012

  21. You failed to post that Savannah state is the only team out of 70 schools, yes 70 schools, contacted to play against FSU in WEST VIRGINIA’s WITHDRAWL !!!! 70 schools were contacted to play FSU with only Savannah State taking them up on the offer.

    By jim on Oct 5, 2012

  22. The point of this was that teams shouldn’t schedule FCS schools no matter what. It’s essentially a glorified practice.

    I don’t care how bad a FBS team is, it is a step up from FCS competition. Unless we call schools out on this crap, they’ll just keep scheduling FCS teams to get easy wins and bolster their resumes.

    By Ryan Phillips on Oct 5, 2012

  23. Well let’s look at the SEC, the self proclaimed King of conferences: Alabama plays Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic, and Western Carolina.
    LSU plays North Texas, Idaho, and Towsen.
    UGA plays Buffalo, Florida Atlantic, and GA Southern. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…..

    By Scott on Oct 6, 2012

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