Pittsburgh Steelers: David DeCastro Seriously Injures Right Knee

August 25, 2012 – 11:27 pm by Ryan Phillips

The Pittsburgh Steelers got awful news Saturday night as rookie right guard David DeCastro left the team’s 38-7 preseason win over the Buffalo Bills with a potentially severe right knee injury.

The Stanford product was hurt while pass protecting during Pittsburgh’s second possession. His right leg was twisted beneath him as he was knocked over by Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus.

Entering the 2012 NFL Draft, I had DeCastro graded out as one of the top seven players in the entire class. He fell to the Steelers with the 24th pick in the first round and it appeared he had already won the starting right guard spot. He has the potential to be one of the best guards in the NFL immediately and certainly has Pro Bowl potential.

Now NFL.com is now reporting that DeCastro has damage in both his right ACL and MCL and will certainly be out “a while.”

Speculation is that he has a torn ACL. If DeCastro’s injury is as bad as feared, he’ll likely miss the entire season.

That would be a serious blow to the Steelers, who are trying to rebuild their offensive line. Ramon Foster will likely move up to play right guard, with Willie Colon staying on the left side.

Slightly Good News Update: ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that, though he dislocated his right kneecap, torn his MCL, and has a partially torn patellar tendon, there is no damage to DeCastro’s ACL. He is not being ruled out for the season though the Steelers are unsure if he will return this season.

Second, Slightly Worse News Update: NBC Sports is now reporting that DeCastro is out 3-5 months with his various knee injuries. So unless something amazing happens, he’s basically out until the playoffs at best.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Pittsburgh Steelers: David DeCastro Seriously Injures Right Knee”

  2. Bummer he was going to be a good one and perfect for Big Ben.Sometimes these injuries just happen by chance but more and more they are retaliation plays for being whupped on and when given a chance someone the size of Dareus puts a cheapshot on ,ruining the future of a player just because he’s made you look bad.It easy most times to see whats by chance or whats on purpose.Suspending a player for as long as a player is out will put a stop to 99% of this garbage.Players have no respect for careers of others nowadays and need to really be punished until some kind of brain matter can be made into respect careers of other players.

    By joe hammer on Aug 26, 2012

  3. They all need to go back to natural grass

    By lloyd whitfield on Aug 26, 2012

  4. And I’m sure you’ll include James Harrison in that conversation ?.

    By chuck b on Aug 26, 2012

  5. no different than the pittsburg d lineman who intentionally hit carson palmer’s knee and put him out for a year.payback is a bitch.;…

    By Mo on Aug 26, 2012

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