Jarrett Lee Making Les Miles Look Dumb All Over

August 10, 2012 – 12:00 am by Hickey

While watching the embarrassment that was this year’s BCS Championship Game, it seemed obvious to anyone in attendance that at some point LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson would have to get pulled. He was just SOOOOO BAD. Like worse than anyone who has ever quarterbacked the Bears bad.

Yet somewhat surprisingly, he was behind center to start the second half despite not crossing the 50. OK. Give him another shot, I guess.

When he threw a telegraphed interception right into the lap of an oncoming linebacker early in the third quarter, well surely that was it. Backup Jarrett Lee even put his helmet on, because at this point only a complete dipsh*t would keep Jefferson in the game.

And so Les Miles did.

It seemed idiotic at the time, so much so that former Saints quarterback and current talk show host Bobby Hebert — not to mention the father of LSU offensive lineman T-Bob Hebert — went off on Miles in the postgame press conference until the moderator interrupted to ask “Do you have a question?”

It looks even stupider tonight.

Lee saw first-half action in the Chargers preseason win over the Packers Thursday night, throwing for 235 yards and a touchdown. So somehow a guy who wasn’t even good enough to play one snap against Alabama when his team couldn’t cross midfield is good enough to throw a touchdown against the Packers.

Good move, Les.

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  1. 8 Responses to “Jarrett Lee Making Les Miles Look Dumb All Over”

  2. Les miles is part idiot, part Genius but whole TIGER!!!

    By DHart on Aug 10, 2012

  3. Give Miles a break: Alabama’s secondary is way better than Green Bay’s.

    By MJenks on Aug 10, 2012

  4. I hope Less Miles has recovered from his huge “brain fart” that the world was witness to.
    I would love to see Lee make the team as 3rd quarterback and move on to even greater things, much like Matt Flynn has done. Then he can come out with his tell-all book exposing Less as a prime candidate for the “dumbest coaching moment in sports history”!

    By Roy on Aug 10, 2012

  5. Congrats to Jarrett for a great start in the NFL & Thanks for the great five years you have given THE TIGER NATION. You GEAUX Mr. Lee show them what we all know that you’re capable of. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!

    By cajun on Aug 10, 2012

  6. I disagree with all of this. Les is a mad-hatter-genious. I believe that behind the scenes “big-money” alumni wanted thier investment to pay-off from Jefferson’s screwup at the first of the year. They told Les he had to play Jordan. Les decided he would let Jefferson fail… Epically…
    He didn’t want Lee to feel any of the brunt of that game and thats why he stayed out…
    Fast forward, Lee looks AMAZING with San Diego… Jordan signed and was released by Tampa and is a Free agent(Fry Cook)…

    God Bless them Tigers! and Geaux Lee!

    By Bigpapa on Aug 11, 2012

  7. Les caved; stubbornness is like to idolatry, and if he caved to big money alums; has no spine whatsoever. We will never know why; but for sure ranks at the top of ad choices. Jordan had no character as was apparent in the bar fight and played like a deer in the headlights from day one til the end. Go Tger defense was all that kept Jordan afloat in every game even when they fluked out at Bama! Lee would have brought them back bothe times; character always wins over talent with no character.

    By rfrye on Aug 22, 2012

  8. bad choices Les, but still a good coach with time to learn. I still bleed purple and gold, and hate the loss of “honey badger”, who is on the same path as Jefferson.

    By rfrye on Aug 22, 2012

  9. I think D. Hart said it better than any of us could.

    By Hickey on Aug 22, 2012

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