Lolo Jones Pictures: Best of the 2012 Olympian

July 25, 2012 – 11:50 pm by Ryan Phillips

Lolo Jones has become increasingly popular over the past few months and it’s not hard to see why. The 29-year-old hurdler will be in her second Olympics, after finishing a disappointing seventh-place finish in 2008 at Beijing. Jones was pulling away from the pack four years ago when she clipped the ninth hurdle and fell.

Jones has also blown up on Twitter, especially after her admission that she is still a virgin and is waiting for marriage. Good luck to her as the 2012 London Olympics open on Friday.

Enjoy some of her best pictures after the jump.


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  1. 103 Responses to “Lolo Jones Pictures: Best of the 2012 Olympian”


    By JIM COBERLY on Jul 26, 2012

  3. not really outfits someone wishing to remain a virgin should be photographed in

    By james smith on Jul 26, 2012

  4. James Smith that is the most idiotic comment I have heard in a long time. Her outfits have nothing to do with HER desire to remain a virgin. Such a man!

    By keke lou on Jul 26, 2012

  5. But they help me desire to undo her virginity..

    By Nothing Simple on Jul 26, 2012

  6. Yeah, but just wait till Sharia gets here, boy. That’ll put a stop to this sort of thing.

    By CCRider on Jul 26, 2012

  7. YUM YUM

    By Jules on Jul 26, 2012

  8. just because she shows her awesome body off doesnt take away from wanting to remain a virgin, a bad thing. she worked years to get to the level she honest she deserves respect for her body and wish to remian a virgin heck id be glad to wait for the wedding bells to ring

    By jimmy on Jul 26, 2012

  9. Good luck at the olympics Ms. Jones, all of South Florida is rooting for you.

    By Ft Lauderdale CPA on Jul 26, 2012

  10. All I can say is HOT! And Go get em girl!!! Virgin or not she rocks!!

    By TJ Boren on Jul 26, 2012

  11. I want to put it in her butt…

    By Sam on Jul 26, 2012

  12. Article “Jones has also blown up on Twitter, especially after her admission that she is still a virgin and is waiting for marriage. Good luck to her as the 2012 London Olympics open on Friday.”

    Good luck on her competing or staying a virgin in light of the complete hedonistic environment the Olympic village is portrayed to be?

    By Robert on Jul 26, 2012

  13. What she wears to be photographed in has nothing, absolutely nothing with her desire to remain a virgin. So what! Get over yourself, James

    By gordo on Jul 26, 2012

  14. She’s looking for a husband and she’s pressed to find him. So I don’t think stating “she’s looking to stay a virgin” is correct. She’s looking for a husband so the goal is not about staying a “virgin” but rather finding a mate then loosing the virginity.

    By jdj on Jul 26, 2012

  15. She should get a boob job to complete the body

    By Larry on Jul 26, 2012

  16. Go get that gold LOLO im rooting for you, besides that gold will last alot longer than your virginity or your husband.

    By Jemeneye on Jul 26, 2012

  17. Sorry Larry, her body looks quite complete to me.

    By Robert on Jul 26, 2012

  18. being a virgin has nothing to do with what she wears(or doesn’t wear)

    By Bill on Jul 26, 2012

  19. I’ll be praying for you try to get more sleep and in a safe environment I’ll cover the air as much as possible First of all coverage right area and nite shift also STAT! Did you eat –No I’ll drink H2o and look at fashion-smile

    By Roslyn Johnson on Jul 26, 2012

  20. SISTER Jones do all you do to the GLORY of OUR GOD and When you get HOME You Will hear ” Enter IN oh GOOD and Faithful SERVENT. I will check with you at home till then. GO WIN THAT GOLD YOUNG SISTER in Christ!

    By Micheal Thompson on Jul 26, 2012

  21. Ms. Jones is a very beautiful young woman who has the perfect body and attitude. I commend her for staying a virgin for so long especially in the environment she works in.

    Good luck in London!

    By Jerry on Jul 26, 2012

  22. Oh yes…no need for the boob job Larry. You should love a woman just the way she is.

    By Jerry on Jul 26, 2012

  23. She’s obviously easy on the eyes. Let’s see if the next pics we see of her “after the jump” (hurdles) are with a medal. If not, she’s still golden with those looks. If she wins, wait for the bio-pic.

    By CyniCAL on Jul 26, 2012

  24. Ms.Jones, bless her”outy belly button tummy,and
    virginal baby sweat. Still, the Virgin Mary, could take Ms. Jones in any Olympic event. And Mother Mary,virginity intact,would do it sans NIKE’s “Swoosh.” But, seriously I wish Ms.Jones all the best. (You look like an amalgam of Mariah Carey and Beyonce).

    By Roy Rodgers on Jul 26, 2012

  25. first let me say congrats on ur success a go for the gold girl glory to god for u respecting ur self a ur body we need to hail u in kardaison world we live in where we give to much credit to groopies a tramps with no talent than we do those that do good luck

    By dupree on Jul 26, 2012


    By GINGER on Jul 26, 2012

  27. Her and Tebow were made for each other. Believe it.

    By nate on Jul 26, 2012

  28. James Smith that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. She chose to remain a virgin until she meets Mr. Right. In my book, she is a true woman.

    By Willie White on Jul 26, 2012

  29. Pretty face. Awesome ass. But there is no getting to second base with her. And that has nothing to do with her being a virgin

    By Dave on Jul 26, 2012

  30. Go get that GOLD, Lolo!!! Good Luck!!!

    By Willie White on Jul 26, 2012

  31. Pray for Sam. Good blessings LoLo

    By gregsphere on Jul 26, 2012

  32. I’d definitely be her HUCKLEBERRY!!!

    By Keith on Jul 26, 2012

  33. Wow, some virgen. Why is she dressing that skimpy? To show people what they are missing or some other reason like that? I’ve never seen a 29 year old virgen wear clothing (or I should say ‘not’ wear clothing) like that. Are not those kind of devout Christian women supposed to wear those really, REALLY, ugly, long dresses that cover their ankles, arms and most of the neck? I’m just kidding to all you out there that will take this seriously, although I do question her reason or reasons to remain a virgen. Makes me think that maybe something else went on or is going on. Maybe. Maybe not? Either way she is one attractive woman…/

    By redbundy on Jul 27, 2012

  34. Why is it that every comment has to be sexually oriented … I mean as if every person posting here is like a Maniac or a Perv …… You just don’t leave room or wish for any girl to comment

    By Claude on Jul 27, 2012

  35. This is the issue with our society today. I applaude that LoLo has stayed and wants to remain a virgin until marriage. If we taught this to our daughters, our sisters we would have less of the issues that we face regarding teenage pregancy, one parent families without fathers in the home and a myraid of other things. This is the way that God intended for us to be– faithful to him then faithful to our mates. You Go Lolo

    By Faithful on Jul 27, 2012

  36. She can’t run olympic speed in hurdles with a chastity belt, morons. But, I would love to be close enough in line to be no.

    By sam on Jul 27, 2012

  37. Besides being a great athlete, this woman is drop dead gorgeous. Good luck in London Lolo from all the people in Iowa.

    By Gene on Jul 27, 2012

  38. She’s beautiful, very talented and courageous. Self-marketing is the name of the game in today’s world. Best of luck and pursue your dreams.

    By Ed on Jul 27, 2012

  39. She is just damn aweome. She has the looks, the talents and the character!!! I wish I could marry her when the Oylmoics are done. She is all woman. A great body, very intelligent and extremely well spoken. She is as close to perfect as they come. BUT, all that aside, she is lovable just for who she is. I hope she wins gold along with that girl from Australia that dances before her run. GO GET THEM GIRLS and make us all proud!!!!!

    By Don on Jul 27, 2012

  40. LoLo is a wonderful woman, and probably the best female athlete in these olympics. When you can look that beautiful, and run that fast, there is no question.

    By Michael Mueller on Jul 27, 2012

  41. Ms. Jones, I wish all the best at the Olympics and in your life after the Olympics. You appear to be an extremely beautiful young Woman (most obviously on the outside from your photos and apparently inside from your interviews and articles); to be acknowledged and admired by all who hear/read your story. Win Gold for God, Country, your Family and Yourself! God Bless You, young Sister! Respectfully, Michael

    By Michael on Jul 27, 2012

  42. Daddy would hit that

    By Tom on Jul 27, 2012

  43. You know this lady is a beautifully toned woman with strong beliefs. I say she can wear whatever she wants and still portray the person she is. It’s the people that have their minds in the sewer and voice their idiotic mentality that belongs in the 15th century. Wake up man! It’s the 21st century and women are stronger than ever and they can wear whatever they want. It’s peoples perception that makes them voice how idiotic they are!!!

    By J. A. Hernandez on Jul 27, 2012

  44. Just ALL the BEST to her…and yes its sad when 9 out of ten comments begin discussing her ‘body’ and worse..what she plans on doing with her virginity! ITS NONE OF ANYONES BUSINESS so leave it alone. She is beautiful AND a world class athelete. That’s enough for me. DO NOT let the dogs barking worry you, Lolo…your on the right page!!!! Good Luck and bring back the GOLD GIRL!

    By Jim B. on Jul 27, 2012

  45. That is one beautiful woman!

    By Alpha on Jul 27, 2012

  46. May your ventures be most awesome.
    Watching and may the best be yours.
    GOD’s continous Blessings

    By Patricia on Jul 27, 2012

  47. Average face and a flat chest, not sure why people drool over her, don’t get me wrong, she’s not ugly but she’s not great looking either

    By Beta on Jul 27, 2012

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    By must see on Jul 27, 2012

  49. Good Luck Lolo…..Your Iowa fans are rooting for you. You look great.

    By Jknock on Jul 27, 2012

  50. Sorry, no class and low class. You know, there was a time only whores and freaks posed nude. Now, men label playboy, penthouse, black hustler, etc. as respectable and the women are called ‘models’ instead of what they really are…PRINT PORN STARS! People, if you have to be 18 to purchase the magazine that your daughter/wife/sister/baby mama is in, it isn’t modeling—it is PORN. End of discussion. Women that pose nude are NOT respectable. ONLY your husband, steady boyfriend and physicians should see this. And then you guys wonder why all your women cheat on you and aren’t ladies. Posing nude and then trying to be holier than though is oxymoronic and nonsensical! Like a stripper I know that is a so-called virgin. Hilarious! Her mother whored around with several black men and she wants to be a fake Madonna? Puhlease!

    By sue on Jul 27, 2012

  51. Beautiful.

    By AmesIA on Jul 27, 2012

  52. I would tongue punch that fart box for hours.

    By Sam on Jul 27, 2012

  53. Hello sweetheart…..My eyes beheld a sky one night,
    It seems so long ago,
    A perfectly painted portrait,
    Be-speckled with blue and gold.
    As I sit and ponder more,
    It strikes me that you were there,
    and it was truly your simple beauty,
    That gave the stars their perfect glare.
    Your lips, your eyes, your soul
    Are like a work of art,
    The most creative thing of all
    is your beautiful heart.
    If you were a painting,
    No colours could express
    The beauty deep inside you,
    A rainbow, nothing less.
    If you were a sculpture
    The clay could hardly make
    Your figure of an angel
    Without one mistake.
    If you were a euphony
    No choir could really sing
    All the beauty in music with rings,
    Your eyes could possibly bring.
    So here I am the phantom,an artist,
    with inspiration beyond belief
    But to capture such rare beauty,
    I’d have to be a thief in the night.
    to see such wonderful beauty as yours,
    and hear the angels sing,
    about your beauty with every sight…
    I wish you bluebirds in the spring
    To give your heart a song to sing
    And then a kiss
    But more than this
    I wish you love
    and in July a lemonade
    to cool you in some leafy glade
    I wish you health
    and more than wealth
    I wish you love
    Your beautiful heart and I do agree
    with all my best, my very best
    I’ll always see you…
    I wish you shelter from the storm
    A cozy fire to keep you warm
    But most of all
    When snowflakes fall
    and you have it all,I wish you love…

    By Phantom on Jul 27, 2012

  54. Lo Lo Jones if you really desire a husband that will be real then check me out. U can view me from far away or meet me face to face. I am real and I think you will appreciate what can be

    By B Myboy on Jul 27, 2012

  55. What a lady. God sure knows how to make them. Ms Lolo Jones you are the one.

    By blue on Jul 27, 2012

  56. Sam, since butts have no face, it’s obvious you would put it in a man’s butt too! Nasty!

    By june on Jul 27, 2012

  57. Ms. Lolo Jones, you are Beautiful, just as you are, hold fast to your values, who so ever is the lucky one that wins your heart and is worthy of it will wait for that gift from the heavens above. I would! Good luck at the Olympic games, I have no doubts that you will make us all very proud, I’ll be cheering for ya. Go get that Gold!

    By Rusty "Cowboy" Griffin on Jul 27, 2012

  58. Wish all the non-virgins look so good. Most females in American start having sex at 14,15 and have babies by 16,17. No wonder USA is getting fatter and dumber.

    By z on Jul 27, 2012

  59. As long as I have a face she will always have a comfy seat.

    By Chris on Jul 28, 2012

  60. Lolo is ready to reach her happy ending in this 2012 Olympics. It’s all about the gold.

    Glide down the track like an Angel. Such a beautiful woman!

    By FilmEnding on Jul 28, 2012

  61. She looks very average looking……noting special.

    By Alienson on Jul 28, 2012

  62. I hope for the sake of Lolo and the United States that she is not taking a banned substance.

    By Don on Jul 28, 2012

  63. Like many have said, B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L she has no peer. She looks perfect to me. What’s all the fuss about with what a world class track athlete wears? Look in the mirror folks, she has us all beat.

    By Don on Jul 28, 2012

  64. i think its great we have a roll model for young women that sets a good morel standard,as far as the outfits she wears in these photos i think that it is great that she is comfortable with who she is and if i worked that hard to be in that good of shape i would be proud and show it too. these pics are of a vibrant,beautiful,sexy,young woman who honers and respects herself.i wish more parents would pay attention and raise there daughters with these morals. and yoyng women should try to live with these moarals, even if they have no guidence from there parent our heavenly father is always there to guide you.beast wishes to you lolo jones,at the olympics,and in every aspect of your life,may GOD be with you…..P.S. BRING HOME THE GOLD!

    By bacollins on Jul 28, 2012

  65. She’s about the most beautifull of woman. It should be a very blessed man to be her husband. She looks like a Greek Goddess. The Nazi’s were wrong. The superior race just may be a race of all the races mixed together.

    By Red Larry on Jul 28, 2012

  66. Lolo commands all my respect; Posing naked does not in anywhay degrade her virginity. Male body builders pose naked all the time and noone lables them whores and a number of them cheat using steroids! All her photos are tastefull and well done; those that criticze her are just jealous. I personally would be proud to be married to such a woman. I loved the “Fifth Element” photo shoot in Outside magazine and I hope Lolo takes home the gold to further prove her worth. Because of her discipline she has my respect.

    By Earl on Jul 28, 2012

  67. It comes to mind that more should follow the golden rules.#1 do unto others as you would have them do unto you. #2( and important in this forum) If you have nothing nice to say about people, then say nothing at all! I respect Miss Lolo Jones. She is living what poeple should be striving for in their lives. She has the heart and commitment to become the world class athlet she is, she has the strong morals and honesty to live by her belifes, she has the will and strength to portray her sense of style and artistry. The clothes she wears in no way make Lolo Jones what she is. In real life only your morals,heart and soul truely make a person who they are. We have all seen garbage in beautiful packaging and diamonds in bad packaging. So lets not talk about just what people look like but who they are, and only in the good sense. Their are many aspects of Lolo Jones that we who do not know her should not comet on, and certainly not degrade her or her achivements with lewd comments. We should support her efforts in this Olympics as the fans we should be. We should congradulate her on her accomplishments of morality,intelligence,and athletic ability! SO GO LOLO JONES!!!!

    By Wm. Cordy on Jul 28, 2012

  68. Ohhhhhh… Exelent , briliant body….

    By Jeana Sidlo on Jul 28, 2012

  69. This is the reason why I love to watch women’s track. The fit female body is far more potent
    than Viagra.

    By Chuck on Jul 28, 2012

  70. redbundy, Learn 2 spell.

    By MDWIOWA on Jul 28, 2012

  71. Claude,bcause it is in the headline of the story.

    By MDWIOWA on Jul 28, 2012

  72. I appreciate such a gifted and talented person and athlete. Being a former World Class Athlete myself, I know what dedication, perseverance, and intestinal fortitude it takes to compete with the best in the World. She is truly a special individual with attributes 99.99% will never conceive or experience, but only dream of! The overwhelming majority of people will never comprehend what it takes to be an elite and professional athlete as in essence it is your life and nearly a Full time occupation. I recently and proudly wrote a Blog on Lolo Jones, and it was voted the most popular blog in the United States. She is a pure and wonderful Human Being and I love her for it!

    By jeffrey kicia on Jul 28, 2012

  73. Faithful, I totally agree with 95% of your comment. You don’t have to preach the “word” of God to make a point. I wish someone would prove to me and the world that “God” passed down anything. A good heart is a good heart. GO LOLA!!! Promote yourself in any positive light that you can. You are gorgeous.

    By MDWIOWA on Jul 28, 2012

  74. BETA. You must be chubby chaser. Nothing wrong with that, but you sound jealous.

    By MDWIOWA on Jul 28, 2012

  75. sue. I don’t know you but you also sound jealous.

    By MDWIOWA on Jul 28, 2012

  76. Sam, thats just funny!

    By MDWIOWA on Jul 28, 2012

  77. june, what are u talking about??

    By MDWIOWA on Jul 28, 2012


    By MDWIOWA on Jul 28, 2012

  79. DON. Do your homework. She is nothing but a very dedicated, atttactive hard working, AMERICAN (girl)lady, that EVERY young girl should thrive 2 be.

    By MDWIOWA on Jul 28, 2012


    By MDWIOWA on Jul 28, 2012


    By KIM on Jul 28, 2012

  82. reading the above comments makes me realize what an ignorant world we live in, we are moronic

    By rico on Jul 28, 2012

  83. Actually how she dresses DOES have to do with it @keke lou… Why constantly attract attention you dont want thrust upon you ? Obviously she wants dudes to look at her and flock to her just so she can say “no im a virgin” thats stupid only an idiot would do that.Thats like a girl who constantly wears slutty clothes and walks around doing things she has no business AKA a Slut and then cries when she gets raped and constantly gets cat calls. If she wants to use her so called religious excuse (being a virgin=your alright! partially true BTW), in the bible it says people who entice others to lust(which is a sin) meaning wearing those revealing clothes and being naked shes comitting sin by making dudes lust after her. In closing, just dumb.

    By Ashlyn on Jul 28, 2012

  84. Best of luck LoLo from Louisiana…you’ll bring back the gold for sure. Utmost respect for your values and I really hope you find the man whose going to treat you the way you deserve. :-)

    By Toby on Jul 28, 2012

  85. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves Nothing about her sport…
    Only body…. See why men are looking shallow?

    By Hi on Jul 28, 2012

  86. Toby nice post!!!

    By Hi on Jul 28, 2012

  87. Dear Ms. Jones,

    You are BACK after four years training so now is the time to focus and attention to detail and finish what you started four years ago!

    Plus If I was 30yrs under I’ll would run your butt down and marry you myself. LOL

    By James on Jul 28, 2012

  88. I love to hear when young girls don,t doing the right thing to let these young girls know that going out haveing sex and babies that not what life is allabout keep yourbody until you meet the man you want marry godbless

    By Linford pinnock on Jul 28, 2012

  89. Lolo is beautiful, talented and intelligent! I applaud her for making the commitment she has based on her faith and isn’t ashamed of it. At the same time, to dress provocatively or photograph nude does conflict with those principles because Christians actions are supposed to match our words. She’s being critized because they don’t. At the same time, no Christian has the right to judge her.

    I wish her the best at the Olympics and in meeting her husband. She is and has ben one of my favorites!

    By Ms. Lee on Jul 28, 2012

  90. You go girl!! God bless you for being a true child of God!! Ignore all the bullshit comments and get that Gold to go with your Golden Virginity!! I think you are awesome just the way you are, you don’t need to change a thing!! To bad some people have nothing to say, but about your virginity, maybe because of the underlying desire to take it from you.

    By Ms. Brooks on Jul 28, 2012

  91. Maybe a virgin, But how many times has she taken it in the butt?

    By joewillie1 on Jul 28, 2012

  92. MWDIOWA– Calm down: you’re so ‘revved up’ you can’t think straight. Here’s a news flash: I did not ‘flip’ my opinion (from one posting to the next). NO. I know this may be hard to believe (for YOU) but ‘DON’ is not such an uncommon name (it wouldn’t be too bizarre if it turned out that two completely different individuals posting on this site BOTH have ‘Don’ as their screen name). Get it? Now,genius, let’s try this again. Is the answer (a) Two different people named Don have posted completely different statements/ideas about Lola on this site; or (b) The must only be ONE ‘Don’ on this site who has multiple personality disorder (making that Don, still, not quite as disabled as SOME OTHERS posting on this site). A…or B?

    By Don on Jul 28, 2012

  93. I think lolo is a beautiful classy lady and should do what she wants with her body and if she wants to wait that what she should do,I just wish it be me there is nothing better than that, Goo luck lolo in what ever you want to do.

    By tataybaby25 on Jul 29, 2012

  94. Man there is some crazy ass comments on here! Lmao! I guess most of you, I wont say all, have never been high level competing athletes. She is clearly committed to her sport. A woman no matter whether she is a virgin or not, always likes to feel sexy and make heads turn. She clearly does both. I hope she doesnt falter this time and comes across the line with a gold medal. Whoever scoops her up will be a very lucky man indeed. I wish more women held themselves with such high regard. It shows she has much more to offer than just her body and demands that you respect her for everything she has to offer not just THAT!

    By Eric Taylor on Jul 29, 2012

  95. Wow, she really is beautiful. Nice.

    By matt on Jul 29, 2012

  96. Is it all about her virginity?? if she breaks that, what guarantees her of anything at all, will she then gain popularity because she finally did it? why can’t she be a little careful with her own future and do what pleases her and the ability to choose her own destiny and decide what she wants to do with her body, after all what will a man do so extraordinary after she let go of her virginty, buy her a diamond automobile? or diamond BED? she must be left alone, GOOD LUCK LOLO, I wish you all the best and bring some medal home that will bring you fame then breaking your virginity I hope all women will look before they leap, and follow her lead.

    By Nessie on Jul 29, 2012

  97. When your the best at what you do and she certainly is there’s a saying you cannot please all the people all the time.
    Just run lolo run and win!

    By Mont on Jul 30, 2012

  98. I am an artist and enjoy great photography which alot of Lolo’s picture are….however unless she is professing to be a born again Christian whose guidlines and principles outline behavior that doesn’t tempt others into stumbling onto evil and vulgar thoughts …she can dress or undress however she wants for her photos. In any case her wanting to be a virgin until marraige I find very commendable, however confusing and contrary it might be to the public with the types of photos she’s allowed herself to be captured in. Her choices of photographic venues has absolutley nothing to do with her desire to remain a virgin until she is married. She will have to live with whether her decisions on how she portrays herself and how others then percieve her, match up with her goals and aspirations. If you pose provacitively then don’t be surprised over peoples wandering minds….however feeble their minds might be…I personally have 3 daughters ( all gorgeous…and born again Godly Christian young ladies) both they and I would have a serious problem with trying to advertise and comment on being a virgin and then turn around and pose in pictures that would seem to give people reason to think otherwise. But again that’s because we live by a different rule book…if Lolo and you aren’t interested in God’s word….then it doesn’t matter…….she can do whatever she wants….

    By Sharon Aitken on Jul 30, 2012

  99. now we are talking about reviving the idea of sport cards. I pledge I will collect

    By gene on Jul 31, 2012

  100. All these confused individuals who are making idiotic comments about Lolo are outright fools especially Sue who I suppose must be one fat ass hateful low-life white girl who instead of appreciating a beautiful dedicated & hard working black girl chose to take shots at her mom for marrying a black man. These are the type of people who will forever remain backward & dumbed down by Fox news. Lolo is a world class athlete & for that matter a dedicated one which explains her superb physique. She’s flat chested because of her training regimen.

    By shedrack azuike on Jul 31, 2012

  101. keke lou
    you must NOT be a MALE homo sapien!

    By bob on Jul 31, 2012

  102. When I first saw LoLo compete it was her looks that first made her stand out.I’m a heterosexual male & I notice such things.But as I began to see her regularly, I learned that she was/is a world class athlete.I really do think it’s nearly impossible for her to have another reasonable chance for the gold.But now she has a platform for other pursuits.It will be interesting to see which directions she takes.I wish her the best.As a person she appears to be a real sweetie.

    By Scott on Sep 11, 2012

  103. She is a super young lady! Best to you, LOLO! or you go LOLO! God bless! cliche: really good things come to those who wait, dear!

    By W M on May 7, 2013

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