The Most Cub Stat Ever

June 15, 2012 – 2:41 pm by Hickey

This week’s Sports Illustrated includes a sidebar to a feature on Pirates star Andrew McCutcheon calling the MLB 2005 Draft Class “the best in decades.”

It is hard to dispute that assertion based on much of the talent to come out of it — Justin Upton, Ryan Zimmerman, Troy Tulowitzki and Jacoby Ellsbury are among the big names taken that year, as well as a host of serviceable-to-very good big league players.

As usual, the Cubs are the ones bringing up the rear.

An inspection of the Cubs Class of ’05 reveals that only one of the 51 players selected ever made it to the bigs.

That player? Left-handed pitcher Donnie Veal, who compiled a 7.16 ERA in 19 appearances for the Pirates in 2009. Needless to say, those are the only stats produced for his entire big-league career.

If we were talking about any other franchise, a success rate of 1/51 for an entire draft would be extraordinary — especially when you consider how much of a stretch it is to consider that one to be a “success.” With the Cubs, it just makes sense. It is merely another insight into how one goes 104 years and counting without winning a championship — bad drafting, bad development and bad management allowed to do the same thing year after year after year after…

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  2. I like how that photo says Courtesy: Donnie Veal. Clearly nobody but his family ever wanted to take a picture of the guy in action.

    By Cousin Charlie on Jun 16, 2012

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