June 1, 2012 – 10:58 pm by Ryan Phillips

So in case you haven’t noticed the posts slowed down a bit this week. Well there’s a very good reason for it: I’ve been working my ass off to improve things around these parts. First and foremost I’ve been setting things up so we can move to a new server this weekend.

A few times over the past few months we actually were getting so much traffic that we crashed the server we were using. Being the calm, completely collected guy that I am, I gently asked the company hosting our site how – since they are obviously completely competent – on earth that happened? I didn’t get a suitable answer, and was told they simply couldn’t handle that amount of traffic, etc.┬áSo I decided it was best if R&R and that company parted ways.

Now we have been assured that our new provider will be able to handle all your generous clicks and views, especially when we do special events like live blogs.

So that is going on and I’ve been prepping things for the shift over to the new server. Thanks for your patience and things should be back to normal soon, and there should be some other improvements and positive changes coming soon as well.

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