Jeremy Affeldt Should Be Placed In Bubble Wrap

May 1, 2012 – 8:30 pm by TheBaker

San Francisco Giants reliever Jeremy Affeldt might want to spend his time away from the ballpark in a bubble.


In September, Affeldt sliced his non-throwing hand to the bone while separating frozen hamburgers (has happened to the best of us). But now, Affeldt’s home life has injured him again.

The left-hander sprained his right knee Saturday night catching his four-year old son, who was jumping off the couch. Walker, 60 lbs., was so happy to see his dad he jumped into his arms for a major league hug. Luckily for Walker, he’ll have some more time to spend with daddy while he recovers on the disabled list.

Unfortunately for Affeldt, he’ll be home for a few weeks, meaning another freak injury is right around the corner. I fully expect his wife to back over his foot in the driveway this time next week.

“The trainers are tired of getting that call, ‘Hey, I’m at home and I hurt myself,’” Affeldt said. “As an athlete you’d rather get hurt doing your job than not doing it. I’ve had a career of fluke injuries, a lot of weird stuff.”

Yes, you certainly have Jeremy.

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