Indiana and Purdue Brawl During Big Ten Baseball Title Game

May 26, 2012 – 10:46 pm by Hickey

Purdue won its first Big Ten baseball title since 1909 this season, but not before things got very ugly on the diamond in the Big Ten championship game.

Boilermakers head coach Doug Schreiber joined former Ohio State coach Woody Hayes on the short list of douchebags who have punched opposing players during a game when he cold-cocked an Indiana player during a bench-clearing incident in the Big Ten title game on Saturday night. (You can see the punch clear as day at the :20 mark of the above video).

The incident was touched off when Purdue’s Eric Charles slid head-firstĀ into shortstop Michael Basil, who was covering third base after an error. It’s pretty impossible to interpret a head-first dive into someone’s knee as anything more than a dirty play.

But why would anyone expect class from Purdue?

UPDATE: It turns out Schreiber does have a defense, as he did not join Woody Hayes in the douchebag who punched an opposing player club. A Jim Garrison-like review of the film shows a gloved hand throwing the punch. It appears to be Schreiber’s hand, but it’s actually the hand of Eric Charles, who Schreiber is trying to hold back. The camera angle just makes it appear that Charles’ arm is an extension of Schreiber’s body. It took at least 15 viewings to figure this out. Our apologies, because now I feel like Nancy Grace.

That being said, Charles does need to be suspended for the NCAA tournament, both for his take-out slide and for throwing a punch.

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  2. Pay attention – it shouldn’t take 15 reviews and a published article to figure out what happened. Typically the head coach isn’t wearing batting gloves unless it’s 30F in March… You may have known this if you had participated in anything related to athletics in your life. How about cleaning the Cheeto debris out of your pants, turning down the Garcia music and heading outside Foster-Jenkins once in a while. Who’s class-less now?

    By Uncle Thorax on May 29, 2012

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