Could Galaxy Gaffe Cost Obama Election?

May 17, 2012 – 12:18 am by Hickey

I didn’t think there was any chance I’d be voting for Mitt Romney this November, but then again I wasn’t counting on Barack Obama making a disastrous gaffe that could lead to a Reagan or FDR-style landslide.

Obama had the defending MLS Cup champion LA Galaxy at the Oval Office on Monday, and on the surface it went better than the Boston Bruins’ visit earlier this year in that everyone important showed up. Even the foreign guys.

But it was while saluting the team that Obama made his horrific slip, calling the Galaxy “the Miami Heat of soccer.”

It was a deeply offensive statement on many levels.

First of all, if the Galaxy were the Heat of soccer, they’d still be waiting for their championship invite from the White House. Last time I saw Landon Donovan with his team trailing in the waning moments, he was actually taking the last shot. Seriously, LeBron, you should click the link.

Secondly, if Obama was making the statement that the Galaxy were the Heat because of the top-level talent on their squad, he’d be even more wrong. If there is a Miami Heat of the soccer world, I can assure you that they aren’t playing in a league in the United States. They’d be some team in the EPL who choked and came up short. (If Manchester City had crapped itself in that last game, I’d have the perfect comparison, but they had to go and ruin that analogy for me).

The error is particularly egregious given how much Barack knows about basketball. He isn’t supposed to be in the same league as John Kerry misnaming Red Sox or Ted Kennedy talking about Sammy Sooser and Mike McGwire. (Democrats really need to get their crap together here).

Fortunately for Obama, there are still six months until Election Day — plenty of time for Mitt Romney to say something even stupider.

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  2. Funny post. Lebusto should read it. Just when you thought the Miami Freeze and Queen James were about to turn the corner this year, the choke reappeared where the clutch should have been.

    By Sportmentary on May 20, 2012

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