Chris Bosh’s Pants Are…Just Peachy?

May 29, 2012 – 12:38 am by Hickey

I want to see the Miami Heat lose every game they play, so I haven’t necessarily minded that the team has been without Chris Bosh for several games in these playoffs. After seeing his ensemble on Monday night, however, I plan on writing Mr. Bosh a get-well-soon card in an effort to prevent prolonged exposure to his wardrobe.

The sidelined Bosh wore a pair of pants that many on the Internet are describing as “peach,” though I think salmon may be a more apt description. Either way, it looks like he just got to the arena after a social function with Judge Smails at Bushwood.

As ugly as those things are, I do tip my hat to the tailor who managed to find enough salmon/peach fabric to create a pair of pants for a 6-foot-11 man. That is some impressive craftsmanship.

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