Chipper Jones Denies Moyer’s Sign Stealing Accusations

May 6, 2012 – 10:14 pm by Ryan Phillips

Two of the oldest players in Major League Baseball are currently in the middle of a fight, and it would probably be pretty funny if the accusations being thrown around weren’t so serious.

Colorado Rockies pitcher Jamie Moyer has accused Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones of stealing signs. And Jones isn’t exactly taking that insult in stride.

On Saturday the 40-year-old Jones was on second base after doubling off Moyer during the fifth inning of Atlanta’s 13-9 win. As he was talking to Colorado shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, Jones claims Moyer barked at him, “I see you (stealing signs).”

Jones had the following to say about Moyer’s accusation:

“I’m not happy to say the least. Any time a grown man gets his integrity questioned, they’re going to take it seriously and I’m no different. If he wants to discuss it, we’ll discuss it, but he’s wrong, plain and simple.”

Jones went on to say he was shocked by the incident and at first he wasn’t sure if Moyer was actually talking to him. He then yelled back but the 49-year-old hurler refused to turn around.

The long-time Brave said he would be willing to talk to Moyer about it personally but insisted the allegations were completely untrue.

After Saturday night’s game, Jones reportedly told some members of the Rockies that he would be willing to discuss things with Moyer “in the hallway.” Chipper then claimed that Moyer was just being paranoid because he used to play for the Philadelphia Phillies, a team he claims is notorious for stealing signs.

Jones’ best line in all of this was that the Braves didn’t need to steal signs off of Moyer because “every pitch is 78.” Nicely done Chipper.

I sincerely doubt Jones was stealing signs. If he was that kind of guy there would have been accusations of this sort long before now.

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  2. Oh for goodness’ sake! “Stealing signs” controversy? Stealing signs goes back to John McGraw & Wilbert Robinson. It’s part of the game. It’s why players hold their glove up to their mouths when they talk to each other, so the opposing team won’t read their lips. Chipper, if you’ve never stolen a sign in your 35 years of playing baseball, and Jamie, if you’ve never had one stolen in your 50 years, you both need to go back to school. Now, media, find a REAL story!

    By Michael Fisk on May 6, 2012

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