Prince Albert “Down Under” Gets Aussie Footballer Sent Off

April 12, 2012 – 9:38 am by Kevin Johnston

To the other 21 players on the pitch, and those watching from the sidelines, it was just another Saturday afternoon game on an overcast autumn day. But for one poor lad and a stern referee with a sense of humor (or perhaps lack thereof), the chain of events that unraveled on that fateful day will forever live on in infamy.

So goes the sad tale of Aaron Eccleston, a striker for the Old Hill Wanderers, an amateur football club based out of Melbourne, Australia. The turn of events went something like this:

During the run of play, Eccleston took a shot to the groin area and went down in excruciating pain. He exited the pitch briefly to tend to the injury; meanwhile, the referee apparently noticed his teammates excessively laughing and snickering, and overheard them talking about how Eccleston had his genitals pierced so the pain must be unbearable.

Shortly thereafter, Eccleston infuriated the referee by returning to the pitch without the referee’s permission, and thus was issued his first yellow card. You can start to see where this is going…

After issuing Eccleston his first yellow, the referee halted play and demanded visual proof that the piercing had been removed. As you can see in the video below, this was about the time when things got a little creepy, awkward and hilarious, simultaneously.

Next, the referee escorted Eccleston to the locker room, much to his displeasure. At first it seemed as though Eccleston was open to the idea if it meant being able to continue playing; however, he must have quickly changed his mind and vehemently refused because both he and the referee exited the locker room just seconds later. With a perfectly straight face and an old school “rules are rules” attitude, the referee immediately booked Eccleston for his second yellow and he was sent off the pitch with a red card while his friends in the crowd chuckled in utter disbelief.

Eccleston’s Twitter response to the incident? “I don’t think my mum’s going to be particularly happy!”

And they say pimpin’ ain’t easy… try having a cock ring.

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