Georgia Manager Suspended For 2012 Little League World Series

April 17, 2012 – 9:52 pm by Ryan Phillips

The manager of the Warner Robins (Georgia) Little League team that competed in the 2011 Little League World Series has been suspended for the 2012 edition of the event for breaking tournament rules.

Little League International spokesman Stephen Barr announced Tuesday that Phillip Johnson of the Warner Robins American Little League was banned from this year’s tournament. Johnson apparently broke a rule by having alcohol in the Little League International complex in South Williamsport, Pa. during his team’s 2011 run.

Johnson claims he took alcohol given to him by a parent to an alcohol-free area, but thew it out without consuming it. He says he regrets the incident.

Mickey Lay, the president of the Warner Robins team has claimed that Johnson broke no laws and he would presumably be welcome back to the team in the future.

Frankly the fact that alcohol somehow found its way on to the grounds at the Little League World Series is ridiculous. The fact that the team’s parents couldn’t go without the sauce for a few days while watching their kids play baseball is kind of depressing. I’m not really upset with Johnson – though his suspension is completely warranted – because I’m more angry at whoever the parent was that brought the alcohol.

Seriously people, if you need to get a drink that badly, go to a local establishment, mosey up to the bar (I assume people in Georgia mosey) and get something. Are you really that hard-up that you have to buy it and have it on hand at all times?

You’re there to watch your kids, not tailgate. Grow up.

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  2. I would regret throwing out alcohol without consuming it too

    By Cousin Charlie on Apr 18, 2012

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