Washington Capitals Fans Hilariously Heckle Thomas

April 17, 2012 – 3:48 am by Hickey

Bruins goalie Tim Thomas made major headlines this January when he declined attending Boston’s championship trip to the White House in an effort to make a political statement against Barack Obama. (He said it was a statement against both political parties because the federal government has grown out of control, but who is he kidding? My guess is Obama’s predecessor who exploded the deficit by giving out massive tax cuts at the same time he was paying for two wars would not be blown off by Thomas, but what do I know? That was his “only public statement on the matter.”)

Cleverly, Capitals fans were not about to let him forget when the Bruins returned to Washington for Game 3 of their first-round series.

The crowd around the Bruins net prior to the game more closely resembled one at a college basketball game, with several fans bringing Obama Big Heads and others taping a slew of Obamaheads along the glass. Others made hilarious signs playing off the Obama Hope poster with the message “Hope You Get Pulled.” Another bore the message “HEY TIM! I TOTALLY PRINTED THIS USING TAX PAYER $$$$$$$$”

Thomas got the last laugh as the Bruins pulled out a 4-3 win to take a 2-1 series lead. But this has been a very even series to this point, so if Washington wins Game 4 all bets are off going forward.

Even if the Bruins do move on, hopefully it is not the end of clever Thomas taunting by opposing fans. After all, this is America. Everyone deserves to have their opinion heard. And really, this isn’t so much about politics as it is a brilliant attempt at mindf*cking by a clever fanbase. If someone had tried heckling, say, Bill Walton with a bunch of Richard Nixon masks back in the day, I’d be just as amused. And I’ll be even more amused by the first person who sits behind the dugout at a Marlins road game wearing a Fidel Castro mask. (My money is on a Nats fan).

In other words, a tip of the cap to Caps fans.

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