Alistair Overeem Failed Pre-Fight Drug Test, World Shocked (Not)

April 4, 2012 – 9:57 pm by McD

Alistair Overeem weighed in at 263 pounds when he fought Brock Lesnar in December. Those who saw the fight know that every ounce of that 263 pounds was muscle with little or no fat on him.

Alistair Overeem also fought at 205 pounds as recently as 2007 and had been moving up and down for a few years before that, meaning that he was still capable of cutting weight to get down to 205.

These things, while possible, dwell in the same realm of possibility that Barry Bonds somehow became a better, more powerful hitter after age 35 or that Marion Jones could win all those medals in the Olympics.

So it’s not all that surprising that Overeem failed a pre-fight drug test heading into his heavyweight championship bout with champion Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146. It’s also not surprising that rumors of performance-enhancing drug use have followed him pretty much the whole time he’s been a ripped heavyweight. Not that he should look like Roy Nelson or something, but just looking at the guy’s body makes it obvious that he had help getting there.

This is the post-steroids world. I can’t imagine that Overeem or even the UFC were horribly surprised, though Dana White seemed pretty pissed off when asked about the failed drug test on Wednesday:

“He lied straight to our faces. That has me so [expletive] angry, I can’t even tell you. He said to us, ‘The last thing you have to worry about is me popping. I’m the most-tested athlete in the world.’ Yeah, [expletive] right.”

In Overeem’s defense, his “B” sample still needs to be tested, and he could be exonerated if it doesn’t have the insanely high levels of testosterone that his “A” sample had, causing his failed test. But yeah, this doesn’t look good, and it isn’t likely that he’ll be able to use the Ryan Braun Defense and blame the system for his positive test.

On top of that, the fight with Dos Santos was already in some jeopardy because Overeem isn’t even licensed in Las Vegas yet, and his positive tests make it even more unlikely that he’ll be licensed in time for the fight. I’m sure Cain Velasquez is ready to jump into his spot.

In the past, the UFC has been fairly lenient on guys who fail PED tests. Sean Sherk was suspended for a year before it was reduced for a positive PED test but was given a title shot upon his return.

Overeem’s situation might be different because he’s not a long-time UFC guy like Sherk was. He’s an international fighter who just recently joined the organization and got charged with battery in January too. If his “B” sample fails too, there’s no way UFC fans would ever take Overeem seriously again and that’s just bad for Dana White’s business. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them cut ties completely with him after a long suspension.

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