NBA Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Pursuing Sessions, Hinrich

March 5, 2012 – 12:04 am by Ryan Phillips

The Los Angeles Lakers have been looking to upgrade their point guard rotation ever since the NBA nixed a potential deal for Chris Paul back in December. While Derek Fisher and Steve Blake have both been improved lately, the team could really use a penetrating point man to break down opposing defenses.

The Lakers have also gotten solid play from rookie Andrew Goudelock, but he is more of a scoring combo-guard than a guy who can run the point.

With that in mind Los Angeles has been pursuing Cleveland Cavaliers’ backup point man Ramon Sessions, who is likely to be traded by the Cavaliers before the NBA’s March 15 trade deadline.

The 25-year-old Sessions started 38 of the 81 games he played in for Cleveland last season, averaging 13.3 points, 3.2 rebounds and 5.2 assists per game. So far this year, after being pushed into a reserve role behind rookie Kyrie Irving, he has averaged 24.9 minutes, 10.5 points, 3.2 rebounds and 5.3 assists per game.

However, in four starts this year he has avearged 17.8 points and 11 assists.

Sessions has a $4.55 million player option for next season that he probably won’t exercise, which is why Cleveland will try to trade him before the deadline, instead of running the risk of losing him for nothing.

The Lakers would likely use the trade exception they earned by shipping Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks to make any deal for Sessions happen, but its not certain what Cleveland would want in exchange for the backup point guard.

Another guy Los Angeles has been pursuing in recent weeks is veteran guard Kirk Hinrich. If the right deal came along the Atlanta Hawks would be willing to part with Hinrich, who missed the first month of the season after shoulder surgery.

The 31-year-old Kansas product has been solid in a backup role since returning, and his contract is up after this season. That means the Lakers wouldn’t be putting a lot of cash on their docket for the future. He would be a short-term upgrade that they could cast loose after the season.

With how improved the play of Fisher and Blake has been over the past few weeks, the Lakers may actually decide not to part with any assets to acquire point guard help. If they could get Sessions and possibly work something out to keep him around for a while, that might be their best option. He’s only 25 and can clearly do some things at the NBA level.

But don’t expect Los Angeles to give up one of its first-round picks or someone with Goudelock’s potential in exchange for a short-term rental.

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  1. 10 Responses to “NBA Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Pursuing Sessions, Hinrich”

  2. Hinrich is another version of Blake. Slowed down vets who can no longer defend the quick guys.Sessions at least could give them some speed at point. It was embarrassing how bad Fisher was yesterday.4 points and four fouls. Not championship quality.But his ability to hit clutch shots means you keep him for the playoffs, just bring him off the bench.

    By Alfred on Mar 5, 2012

  3. Let the lakers just rot and die with Fisher having nothing left in the tank come playoff time

    By joe packer on Mar 5, 2012

  4. Don’t underestimate what Fisher does for the team in the locker room though. He has been a big part of Goudelock’s development. That’s why he starts, even though Blake is seeing more time.

    I agree on Hinrich, think it would be a waste to add him. Not much of an upgrade and he’d be gone at the end of the year anyway.

    Sessions makes sense but the Lakers won’t give up one of their two first-rounders to get him, since they are aware they need an infusion of young talent, even if it comes from the back end of the first-round.

    By Ryan Phillips on Mar 5, 2012

  5. the lakers should just chiill keep the players they have and let them learn the new system.and the whole team will get better

    By ralph on Mar 5, 2012

  6. Listen, Fish has been a great Laker. But his time is up at starting guard. He’has to be the veteran comming off the bench. He can still be a force and teacher in the locker room.Sessions makes the most sense at point. Will need help at small forword and bench help.It’s fool’s Gold if you think the Lakers should do nothing. In the playoffs their will be teams that we can’t match up with this present line up. Will Jim buss see the light?

    By Bob Cardenaz on Mar 5, 2012

  7. Ramon Session is very good for LA…not Hinrich…

    By Torres Loloy on Mar 5, 2012

  8. If the lakers dont make a trade ill no longer be a laker fan they have the ammo to do so and theyr not making the decision to do so? why wuts not to benefit from it……they dont do it they wont win ………they need to get rid of buss and get the old one back he wulda made a trade months ago ,,,,,,DOOOOOO SOMETHING

    By Anonymous on Mar 5, 2012

  9. fishers worst starting pg in nba

    By Anonymous on Mar 6, 2012

  10. Mitch/L.A. get get get Sessions – He is fast,can penetrate and most of all he can defend.

    By Ed Porcelli on Mar 6, 2012

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