Jump Into Our Pool

March 13, 2012 – 11:46 pm by Hickey

Do you like the NCAA Tournament? Do you like proving that you are the smartest person on the internet?

Then we may have something for you.

Free of charge — and free of prizes — we’ve decided to start our own Rumors and Rants tournament pool on Yahoo. If you click on the link, it should send you where you need to go to enter your bracket. It’s a public group, so no need for messy passwords or memorization. And it isn’t due until the start of games on Thursday, so if you originally had Iona going all the way there is still time to fix your bracket.


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  1. 2 Responses to “Jump Into Our Pool”

  2. I just want to thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to suck as much here as I do with every other bracket I fill out.

    By MJenks on Mar 14, 2012

  3. Also, I know I’ve just doomed Indiana and Notre Dame to first-round bounces. I’m sorry.

    By MJenks on Mar 14, 2012

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