Buzz Williams: SMU Wants Marquette Coach

March 26, 2012 – 10:03 pm by Ryan Phillips

Buzz Williams has a great thing going at Marquette. The 39-year-old head coach has a 96-44 record during his four seasons in Milwaukee, but would he be willing to leave to head back to his home state of Texas to coach? The SMU Mustangs certainly hope so.

SMU is trying to replace recently-fired head coach Matt Doherty, who had a record of 80-109 in in six season. With the school’s basketball team headed to the meat-grinder that is the Big East in 2013, the Mustangs need to up their game or they will get buried.

Virginia Tech head coach Seth Greenberg has taken himself out of the running for the SMU’s opening, and that leaves Williams as the school’s overwhelming favorite.

So would Williams actually leave Marquette to head back to his home state and run a program centered in Dallas? Given what he has built in Milwaukee, I don’t think so. The Golden Eagles were one of the nation’s most consistent teams this season and were firmly inside the top 15 for much of the year.

That said, SMU is committed to rebuilding its basketball program to compete in the Big East, and the school seems willing to put a lot of money on the table to bring in a big name head coach.

The hometown ties will pull Williams towards SMU, but at this point I think the only opportunity he would leave Marquette for would be the Texas job.

While SMU will likely push hard to land Williams, I think he’ll turn the job down in the end.

Other likely candidates for the position are Scott Cross of Texas-Arlington, Brooks Thompson of Texas-San Antonio, Pat Knight of Lamar, Indiana State head coach Greg Lansing, former Nebraska head coach Doc Sadler and former Oklahoma head coach Jeff Capel.

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  1. One Response to “Buzz Williams: SMU Wants Marquette Coach”

  2. This will be a measure of Buzz Williams’ manhood. There is absolutely no incentive to leave his current job for SMU, where there is no history and no fanbase — other than the dollar signs they are attempting to wave. This is a gig for someone looking to move up or get restarted. For Williams it would be an enormous step backwards, and now within his own league to boot. Makes no sense at all.

    By Hickey on Mar 26, 2012

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