Will Ferrell Does It Again

February 9, 2012 – 2:03 am by Hickey

Just three days after his Super Bowl coup of brilliance, Will Ferrell was mixing sports and comedic irreverence in a way that… well, the movie Semi-Pro was supposed to.

Ferrell introduced the visiting Chicago Bulls before their game at New Orleans on Wednesday night, throwing in an insult for each Bull along the way.

“At forward, No. 5, he still lives with his mother — Carlos Boozer.”

“At forward, No. 9, he collects rare birds and has a pet dolphin named Chachi — Luol Deng.”

“At center, No. 13, he’s a Scorpio and a horrible dancer, Joakim Noah.”

“At guard, No. 11, he once ate 20 hot dogs in an hour, Ronnie Brewer.”

“At guard, No. 1, his favorite movie is ‘The Notebook,’ Derrick Rose.”

The Bulls players seemed to take it in stride, with everyone but Brewer having a noticeable smile on their faces. And Brewer may well have been smiling, I just didn’t see it.

In the end, no one was more laughable than the Hornets, who barely avoided the franchise record for fewest points in a game (65) in a 90-67 loss and dropped to 4-22 on the season. (Good luck finding an owner for that steaming heap, Stern).

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  2. Noah isn’t actually a Scorpio but he is definitely a horrible dancer.

    By Cousin Charlie on Feb 9, 2012

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