The Greatest Moment In Super Bowl History

February 8, 2012 – 2:33 am by Hickey

What’s the greatest moment in Super Bowl history?

The answer depends on whom you ask, of course, as one is typically partial to their own team’s success.

For some, it might be Joe Namath running off the field after completing his guaranteed upset in Super Bowl III. Maybe it’s The Fridge leaping over hapless Patriots at the goal line, Neil O’Donnell telegraphing interceptions to Larry Brown, John Elway’s helicopter, Joe Montana spotting John Candy in the stands and driving for the winning score, David Tyree’s helmet catch or Tracy Porter streaking into the end zone on an interception return.

If you are a fan of the Browns or Lions, it is probably a non-football-related moment, like seeing that star thingy on Janet Jackson’s nipple.

But all of those moments have been rendered moot. Sunday brought us the greatest moment in Super Bowl history — and you only saw it if you live in or around North Platte, Nebraska. (Here’s looking at you, Cozad!)

In an Andy Kaufman-esque move — as in the comedian, not the former Fighting Illini basketball player — the spot was only aired in the nation’s No. 209 TV market. There are only 210 TV markets. Adding to the hilarity is the fact the ad cuts off before Ferrell is able to finish saying “Old Milwaukee.”

And just like that, we’re being told that News 2 meteorologist¬† Tara Moore gives us coverage we can count on. (We assume Tara Moore is currently drafting a thank-you note to Will Ferrell as she is now getting more noticed than any meteorologist in the next 150 or so markets).

If she doesn’t, I will.

Thank you, Will Ferrell. You are my hero.

Like Old Milwaukee says, it doesn’t get any better than this.

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  2. Have you seen the spots he did for Old Milwaukee in Terre Haute? Hilarious.

    By The Law on Feb 8, 2012

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