The Long, Strange Tale Of Tate And The Forcier Family

January 12, 2012 – 4:53 pm by McD

The Rich Rodriguez Era at Michigan did at lot to screw up the standing of college football’s winningest program. After a year of hindsight, Denard Robinson seems to be the only positive thing Rodriguez actually did while in Ann Arbor. Now everyone seems relieved that new coach Brady Hoke was competent enough to get the program back to something like normalcy when they made a BCS bowl against Virginia Tech.

But one of the stranger post-scripts of the Rodriguez Era is the saga of Tate Forcier, Robinson’s antecedent at quarterback.

Forcier started as a true freshman and led Michigan to a 4-0 record in Rodriguez’s second year with the program. You may remember people thinking this whole non-Lloyd Carr thing might work out after all. Then The Wolverines ended the season in a tail spin and by the next year (2010) Forcier was out and Robinson was in. Robinson has obviously been both awesome and one awful passer since that time.

Forcier, on the other hand, has had a rough go of it ever since he decided to transfer from Michigan after last season.

First, he made noise that he was heading to Miami to take over for Jacory Harris, but he never actually made it there. Finally, he transferred to San Jose State, sat out the 2011 season, was projected to start in 2012, and has now left the school because his academic standing was awful.

So much for that idea.

According to the above article, Forcier was not on scholarship, and his sole job was to get his grades right so he could play in 2012. His father also hinted at some financial trouble and stress as well.

Tate is the second Forcier brother to transfer from Michigan and essentially never be heard from again. His brother Jason transferred out of the program to Stanford, and was actually a Michigan graduate student and Tate’s roommate at Michigan when the younger Forcier was a freshman. Meanwhile, his brother Chris played for UCLA before deciding to transfer to Furman. Unless you’re a die-hard fan you’ve probably never heard of Forcier’s brothers.

What you may have heard of is this website and just how egotistical the Forcier family is. There’s definitely a Marinovich vibe here and…oh hey…Tate began training with Marv Marinovich when he was in the third grade. Well go figure.

Sometimes kids have to find their way in life, even the most talented ones. So while one talented son might have trouble finding his niche in the sport he loves, when all three sons who got Division I scholarships end up anonymous backups after transferring, I’m guessing there’s a systemic problem here. Just saying.

Guess another Forcier bites the dust. Not a huge loss if you saw his final performances at Michigan, but it still sucks for San Jose State, who could have used some kind of talent at quarterback.

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  2. Eh, I checked out the website, its not that bad..just sounds like a proud Mom and Dad.

    its to bad Tate flunked out, thats rather inexcusable, C’mon man!

    By DezzNutz on Jan 14, 2012

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