San Diego Padres Vote Against Bud Selig Contract Extension

January 13, 2012 – 2:01 am by Ryan Phillips

On Thursday Major League Baseball’s owners voted to give commissioner Bud Selig a two-year contract extension. That means Selig will be at the head of the league through the 2014 season.

While the news coming out of that meeting was that Selig’s contract was extended, we’re more interested in the fact that it wasn’t a unanimous vote by the owners.

Because Selig’s extension wasn’t on the agenda for the owners’ meeting on Thursday, they took a unanimous consent vote to allow its approval. And it wasn’t successful. Why? Because San Diego Padres current owner John Moores (whose ownership is slowly transferring to Jeff Moorad) voted against extending Selig’s contract. Now, for the first time in a long while I can say something about the San Diego Padres gives me great pride.

Then the owners held a second vote, and the extension was approved 29-1. Once again, Moores voted against it.

Hell yes John Moores, you keep fighting the good fight my man.

While many defend Selig and claim that he has been good for the game, frankly I think he’s a buffoon. Maybe some good ideas have come down the pike while he’s been in charge, but he’s made so many missteps that I just can’t forgive him.

In addition to that, he willingly looked the other way during the steroids crisis of the mid-to-late 90s. Finally, after years of prodding from outside forces – including the United States Congress – the Major League Baseball eventually agreed to implement tough steroid restrictions, but only after the game and its legacy had been tarnished forever.

In addition to that, Selig also came up with the idea to make the All-Star Game “count” with the winning league gaining home field advantage in the World Series. Which might be one of the dumbest ideas in the history of professional sports.

As you can tell, we’re not big fans of Bud Selig around these parts. So yeah, it’s safe to say that we are big fans of John Moores and the Padres today.

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  1. 3 Responses to “San Diego Padres Vote Against Bud Selig Contract Extension”

  2. This nearly unanimous vote shows how immoral the vast majority of baseball owners are.How sickening that they would reward their buddy boy Selig with another 2 years with all the sleaze that mushroomed under his commissionership.Please,don’t take me out to the ballgame anymore.

    By Ken on Jan 13, 2012

  3. Selig and Landis are on about the same level in what they have done for the game …

    By Simon on Jan 13, 2012

  4. So a group of nozzles who decided Fay Vincent was too radical to be the commissioner and then decided to appoint one of their own instead still want things as they are?

    I’m shocked.

    By Santa Claustrophobia on Jan 15, 2012

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