Boston Red Sox Make Offers To Jackson, Oswalt

January 26, 2012 – 1:17 am by Ryan Phillips

The Boston Red Sox have been looking for starting rotation help all offseason and now they’ve started to make moves to add some guys there.

The Red Sox have now made offers to both Edwin Jackson and Roy Oswalt, the two best starters left on the free agent market. After moving an anchor of a contract in Marco Scutaro to Colorado, the Red Sox have now moved quickly in an attempt to strengthen their rotation.

The first move Boston made was to make an offer to Oswalt, who has yet to give any indication where he actually wants to play next season. The fact the veteran righty didn’t accept the offer right away, may be why the Red Sox moved immediately to offer a contract to Jackson.

Sources have indicated that Oswalt may actually want to end up with the Rangers, Cardinals or Reds, but no one really knows what he wants to do for sure.

The Red Sox are said to actually prefer Jackson over Oswalt and that makes sense. Jackson is just 28 years old and has outstanding stuff. With the Chicago White Sox and St. Louis Cardinals in 2011, Jackson went 12-9 with a 3.79 ERA and a 1.44 WHIP. He has bounced around, and has been a part of six organizations in just eight professional seasons.

If Oswalt continues to sit by and let things play out, rather than jump on the offer from Boston, Jackson will likely end up with the Red Sox.

The fact that both guys are still available at this point in free agency means the amount of money they snag should be less than they expected at earlier in the offseason. That said, if the Red Sox are involved in the bidding, some serious cash could be dished out.

Don’t expect Jackson to wait long to make his intentions known. He could be willing to take a one-year contract despite the fact that he’d prefer a multiyear deal.

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