Bend It Like Shunsuke

January 19, 2012 – 10:29 am by TheBaker


OK, I think we can all agree that Japanese game shows can provide us with hours upon hours of entertainment. And while former Celtic midfield maestro Shunsuke Nakamura didn’t get hit in the junk, he probably wouldn’t have a problem kicking a ball into your trunk. OK, OK, that was forced.

Here’s a clip all the way from Japan showing Nakamura kicking a soccer ball into a window of a moving bus. And unlike David Beckham’s Pepsi commercial, we’ve got no CGI here.

His family was hooked up to a generator so if he missed, their privates would have been electrocuted. OK, maybe not, but would you be surprised if they had been?


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  1. One Response to “Bend It Like Shunsuke”

  2. Great kick. It took a lot of confidence, patience, and practice to make that kick. However, I wish there had been English subtitles.

    By Shai on Jan 21, 2012

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