Are The Red Sox Out Of Money?

January 16, 2012 – 11:09 pm by Ryan Phillips

The Boston Red Sox suffered an all-time meltdown in 2011, missing the playoffs despite having what looked to be a stellar roster on paper. This offseason has seen a ton of change in Beantown as the Theo Epstein and Terry Francona are gone, and there has been an attempt to change the culture of the team.

On Monday the Red Sox inked a deal with Vicente Padilla, and’s Peter Gammons thinks the team may be done making moves this offseason. Why? Because they are out of money.

Boston was interested in bringing in a reliever or two, and Chad Qualls was a target. The Sox were also kicking the tires on Roy Oswalt and were seriously considering bringing him on board. But’s Rob Bradford has reported that the club would have to move payroll in order to bring Oswalt on board.

A guy of Oswalt’s pedigree could likely command around $10 million for this season. To bring him on board the Red Sox, unfortunately, don’t have a contract they could likely move. The only player who Boston would like to move is John Lackey, and zero teams want to take on his contract at this point.

Marco Scutaro is owed $6 million next season and his contract is tradeable if another team is really desperate for a guy like Scutaro, which is┬ádebatable. That would leave Nick Punto as the team’s shortstop with prospect Jose Iglesias as the backup.

General manager Ben Cherington has a lot of thinking to do, since committing a big chunk of money to an aging pitcher like Oswalt could end up being another waste of cash.

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  1. One Response to “Are The Red Sox Out Of Money?”

  2. Chad Qualls? Surely you jest.
    Seems to me that Cherington is just trying to establish some budgetary discipline, in line with establishing some discipline in club house.
    Sox were the best team in MLB in 2011 after a poor start and not considering their swoon in September. It is hard to imagine a repeat of that year ending experience in 2012. With this team it is not unrealistic to expect the 2012 version of the Red Sox to be serious contenders in the AL East once again.

    By hawkny on Jan 23, 2012

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