Samoan Rugby Player Suspended Due To Twitter

October 3, 2011 – 10:25 pm by Ryan Phillips

Samoan rugby star Eliota Fuimaono Sapolu was provisionally suspended from all levels of rugby on Tuesday after calling Welsh referee Nigel Owens “racist” in a Twitter message. Oops.

The center, who in an earlier Twitter post had claimed that World Cup tournament organizers were guilty of “slavery” for how they treated teams during the tournament, didn’t show up to his disciplinary hearing on Tuesday and was suspended.

His outburst followed Samoa’s 13-5 loss to South Africa last week. That loss ended the team’s tournament hopes.

Sapolu has claimed that his team was the victim of a conspiracy and ripped Owens after some people on the Welshman’s Facebook page criticized the referee for some of his calls during the match.

The offending Twitter post said the following:

“I can understand the hate!! Haha good luck u racist biased prick”

He continued:

“Get s.a into next round. The plan was obvious. Can’t wait 2 meet irb (International Rugby Board) members in public”

Since then he also has gone on to claim that England’s national team cheats.

Those statements came after Sapolu had to apologize for claiming that the World Cup was like slavery because Samoa was only given a few days to prepare for their match against Wales, which they lost.

For his offending tweets, Sapolu has been suspended from playing rugby at all levels, and may face further penalty if he doesn’t show up to another disciplinary hearing.

Sapolu really needs to learn the blanked American excuse for such things. Apparently he hasn’t heard of the “my account was hacked” excuse. Seriously Eliota, step up your game son.

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