How Lucky Can One Town Be?

October 7, 2011 – 1:24 am by Hickey

Since Andy Rooney retired this week, I’ve decided to pick up where he left off in the complaining game.

You know what drives me crazy? Detroit. How lucky can one town be, anyway?

On Thursday night, the Tigers clinched a spot in the AL Championship Series by beating the Yankees, a win that would please the citizens of any burg. It’s probably just another drop in the bucket for those spoiled Detroiters, who are already rolling around in joy with their undefeated Lions.

When is it gonna stop?

The Motor City madness will only continue next week when the Lions host Monday Night Football. I bet they’ll even get Bob Seger to sing the intro.

As it stands, there is a reasonable chance that Detroit could be represented in the World Series and the Super Bowl — not to mention the fact that the Stanley Cup Finals are a distinct possibility any year. Luckiest of all, their WNBA team moved out of town two years ago.

If all of these things were to happen in one year in some downtrodden place like Boston or Dallas, I could live with it. But Detroit?

All those people must live like kings. On top of all that, they get to make sweet cars. Share the same hometown as Eminem. And are just a stone’s throw away from Canada.

If the Tigers win the Series, someone will probably mention something about going to Disney World when it’s all over. But it seems like they’re already living there.

Some places have all the luck.

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