Week Three College Football Roundup

September 18, 2011 – 2:20 pm by McD

College football in the state of Indiana is just fine, thank you.

You can shut up if you’re about to say that Notre Dame, Indiana, and Purdue only beat one FBS team between them on Saturday. They’re still 3-0 on the weekend, f**kers. And yes, I went back on my word to boycott that game too. Again, I only made promises because it’s what you wanted to hear. Gosh.

Oklahoma is who we thought they were

OU won 23-13 at The Doak Saturday night. They’re really, really good. Never mind that Florida State is overrated and E.J. Manuel got hurt. This still counts as a quality win because all the experts say so. And if there’s one thing we know, the college football experts are always right.

West Virginia beat the Cologne Centurions

I wouldn’t say I’m intrigued by West Virginia yet. They’ve still got gaping holes in their defense, as evidenced by the second half against Maryland on Saturday. However, they’re still a fun Big East team. And how often do you get to say that?

The biggest comeback in Iowa history happened

And it was only 17 points. Does that mean they’re good or that if you get them down two touchdowns, they’re screwed? Maybe both.

And they didn’t even have any cheats on

Georgia Tech rolled over Kansas, as they should have done for the second straight year instead of avenging a loss from 2010. You know it’s a bad beating when the AP reporter is making video game references in the lede and probably asking leading questions related to it to the players after the game.

Tajh Boyd edited his player ratings

No way did EA Sports make Boyd that good in NCAA Football 2012, but they might update it online after Clemson put it on Auburn and won the Tiger Bowl.

Late Night with Brandon Weeden

Turns out the Oklahoma State Cowboys are good on Sundays too, as they lit up Tulsa 59-33 after a long rain delay. This is also what you get for scheduling a game to start at 9:10 pm local time. That’s insanely late for anything but a prize fight, and Okie State vs. Tulsa is not exactly a prize fight.

However, Oklahoma State remains the most intriguing team in college football. One that genuinely makes you think that their offense is so good they can overcome mediocre defense and much more talented teams with their firepower. Then again, Tulsa (!) ran for 365 yards on Oklahoma State’s defense. What will Oklahoma do to them when Bedlam comes around?

Your weekly Houston Cougars Undefeated Season Update

Case Keenum Aeronautical Co. had a close call against a very mediocre Louisiana Tech. The former Virgin Air had to bring his team back in a 35-34 victory. Keenum was only 25-40 but still managed 365 yards and three touchdowns, a very average night for a guy who could become the greatest passing quarterback in the history of the college game. My crush on them can continue for another week. Next week: Georgia State comes calling. Hopefully that’s as easy as it sounds.

Don’t Drop the “Interim” tag yet

Ohio State went down, and went down hard, 24-6 at Miami. Maybe the Buckeyes really are going to have to make a Godfather offer to Urban Meyer to fix this mess. But before the freakout in Columbus gets too far, remember, this is still the team Jim Tressel would have had too. Pryor was always going to be gone and all the rest of those players were going to be suspended too. If Tressel hadn’t been lying and hiding things, this would have been his team and his mess, though no one would have fired him after one lousy season. Just would have taught him what he already learned: don’t sell your soul for one prospect (Terrelle Pryor).

Record for week 3: 8 – 4 W/L,  7 – 5 ATS

2011 record after week 3: 28 – 9 W/L, 21 – 13 – 2 ATS

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