Insert McCoy Pun Here: Texas 49, UCLA 20

September 18, 2011 – 1:30 am by McD

Texas solved its quarterback problem in their road win over UCLA by putting in Case McCoy and a little bit of David Ash. McCoy is former Texas quarterback Colt McCoy’s younger brother in case you’ve never heard of ESPN, the AP, or any other sports media outlet.

McCoy et al. were fine, but the best move made by the Texas coaching staff was not starting Garrett “Negative Quarterback Rating” Gilbert, eliminating the hilarious amount of mistakes Gale Gilbert’s kid brought to the quarterback position. If Bryan Harsin couldn’t fix him, there’s probably no one who can. Even the College Gameday guys were wondering out loud if Gilbert should just transfer somewhere else.

But really the thing that changed for Texas was they decided to run the ball again after being able to take several years off because of Colt McCoy. Some of Gilbert’s issues aren’t even his fault, since Texas tried to run the Colt McCoy offense with him in 2010 and didn’t bother to teach anyone to run block or properly gain more than four yards without falling over. They even had Jamaal Charles and criminally underused him¬†for most of his career because Colt McCoy was there.

Saturday, Texas fans and the world got to hear the names of Malcolm Brown, Fozzy Whitaker, and Cody Johnson as something other than a punch line, and I think they liked it. Especially Brown, who might be the new Jamaal Charles, and who finished with 114 yards on 23 carries and a touchdown.

It’s hard to believe that it took an entirely new coaching staff to re-introduce Mack Brown to the run, but the man’s a world class recruiter, not Paul Johnson, people.

A lot of people might want to say that this is a turning point for Texas, that they might be back to being good just because they beat UCLA. Those people are also known as idiots. While McCoy and Brown were great along with the defense, a lot of that is a testament to the Herbstreit-hexed UCLA Bruins’ mediocrity. Last year’s loss to UCLA really was a fluke because Brown and the coaching staff didn’t have it together, and it showed on the field. There is no way that happens when the old man is actually paying attention. Plus, now Texas has assistants who aren’t openly trying to push Mack Brown out the door.

UCLA’s quarterback situation may have resolved itself Saturday as well. Richard Brehaut had been filling in for the concussed Kevin Prince, and he wasn’t bad when he replaced Prince against Texas. But Prince was shockingly awful in his return, going 3-7 for 26 yards and 3 interceptions before being pulled. He must have heard our friend, and UCLA grad/Arsenal fan Booter, was on the edge after the Gunners scored two own-goals in a loss to Blackburn Saturday morning. Brehaut was only 8-19 for 142 yards and no touchdowns, but he didn’t fumble or throw any picks either. If Neuheisel is serious about keeping his job beyond 2011, and that’s questionable at this point, it’s got to be Brehaut until further notice.

Sorry, Booter, that was a rough Saturday for you and the Bruins and Arsenal. But hey, at least UCLA has awful Oregon State coming to town before Stanford kicks their ass, right?

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