Benny Sapp Cut By Dolphins After One Game

September 13, 2011 – 10:29 pm by Ryan Phillips

The Miami Dolphins don’t play around. After allowing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to throw for 517 yards in a 38-24 loss Monday night, the Dolphins went ahead and released a major part of their secondary from that Week 1 debacle.

According to his agent, Miami cut ties with cornerback Benny Sapp today. He’s the guy last seen feebly chasing after and falling while trying to tackle Pats receiver Wes Welker on that 99-yard touchdown pass. Watch here if you haven’t already seen it, or if you have and just enjoy seeing an entire team get completely toasted by a short, mildly-athletic white guy.

I feel kind of bad for Sapp, because he’s going to be having Welker-based nightmares for months.

Sapp being sent away leaves Nolan Carroll and rookie Jimmy Wilson as the backup cornerbacks for the Pats. Starters Vontae Davis and Sean Smith were also repeatedly beaten by the Patriots, and both guys suffered cramps during the game.

Basically the entire secondary looked like a joke and the Dolphins felt they needed to make an example of Sapp. Whether or not it actually makes their secondary better will be debated over the next few weeks.

All I know is that if you get burned for a 99-yard touchdown by anyone on national television, you probably deserve to get cut. Hell, anyone who is a part of a secondary that gives up 517 yards passing probably deserves to get cut.

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  1. 14 Responses to “Benny Sapp Cut By Dolphins After One Game”

  2. They should fire the coaches too!

    By Jeff on Sep 14, 2011

  3. Agree Jeff, and I wouldn’t just stop at the coach. I guess Gruden made a comment during the game about himself cleaning up the dolphins and bringing them back to a winning team. Chuckie would be great in Miami. Tough man.

    By NewEnglandFinFan on Sep 14, 2011

  4. Well the coach does not play the game.But he sure as hell has a input of who he trades for picks up in free agency or drafts. And thats where he has all of his problem and thats why he needs to go along with Ireland.I CAN NOT BELIVE REGGIE BUSH AS OUR FEATURE BACK. ON THE GOAL LINE LINED UP IN A POWER FORMATION ALL 195 LBS. THATS PURE BULL S—.

    By rich9336 on Sep 14, 2011

  5. You can hide but you cant run, If the Coach said is Ok with the lose , he need to be fire, you cant cover the SUN with a finger, and said everything is COOL, come on,My wife that not like football, watch this game with me , and said What wron with Dolphins, they were not takle not body and they let go the other team player do what ever thery want, coach not call time out when it need it, call bad ofennce play on 1/2 yard of the goal line, the defence play like high school C team, if We losing again and the defence Sucs like last time , not fire the player fire the defence coach and the Dolphin coach, start clean the house from uo to down.

    By camilo on Sep 14, 2011

  6. Camilo, the only thing that looks high-school grade on this wall is your grammar…good god

    By anthony on Sep 14, 2011

  7. I agree with rich9336. I think Reggie Bush is a good RB but not big enough to pound it in. For the life of me I cannot figure out why FB POLITE was cut! If he was given the ball, it would have been in the endzone!!!
    They need a big player for Reggie to get blocks. Too bad they let LPolite go. Screwed their running game they did.

    By finfan on Sep 14, 2011

  8. …and what about the Defensive Coordinator, Defense Coaches, and “trainers”. They all failed MISERABLY. Can ’em all and try again.

    By Bill on Sep 14, 2011

  9. I dont want to hear estupid excuses.This Dolphin team may be 0-4 at the beginning of this season. The inconsistency, the inability to pressure the best QB in the league tell me that these coaches are mediocres. This team having the adventage of the humidity, they look like old grandfathers playing in slow motion (DEFENSE). With this defense this team hardly will win 5 games. The offense did show a tremendous upgrade, but short in the running game, no fullback is inexcusable. You can expect that BUSH is going to handle this role and the estrategy at the goal line was mediocre. They should have epread the entire Patriots defense and execute a QB sneak. They waste a great opportunity to escore, to see a TD from de back of the end zone that desmorilize the entire tonw. Sparano should be fired for inconpetent. Chad had improve big and he did perform very good. I hope that he cant do it consistently.
    Offensive line : B+
    Defense: Below F
    Especial team: A
    Receivers/Tight ends: B
    Conerbacks: F
    Running game: F
    QB: A

    By Anthony Boza on Sep 14, 2011

  10. The only way that a team can beat AN EXCELLENT TEAM like the Patriots is by harrassing constantly Brady through the full four qts and keep it him in the sidelines. Especially, when your DOLPHIN DEFENSE react so mediocre and lethargy to high power offense. What this defense did was to dishonor the Dolphin tradition of excelence in terms of DEFENSE scheme. Sparano and Ireland should fired for inconpetent and for giving us a mediocre team with high and unrealistic expectations. The offense looked upgraded and most to the time effective with the big exception on the running game. Chad had done his job and should be congratulate for his committment to get better at his position. But this team is not even close to anything solid and that is totally ineceptable. I really belive that Sparano and Ireland should be help accountable. To be in the goal line without a true full back it is a totally retarded. Even worse, not able to stop then at the end zone, plus a 100+ yards TD as result of mediocre coverage is humiliating. Who are the ones responsibles? To fire the poor conerback is a ridiculus excuses to cover up a disaster and poor phisical conditioning on the entire defense. What did these guys prepared for last Monday Night in fron the national TV? A high school contest? The entire South Florida espexted the Patriots exausted fron our humidity, but it was the other way around. The dolphin defense were out gas that they couldnot even line the proper formation to stop the 511+ yard from Brady. One more time, Esparano is a nice man, but a terrible head coach. I can see the Dolphins to start this long season 0-4. There no way this team is going to beat the red hot TEXANS, then the CLEVELAND, and the hot power offense of San Diego? I know it is only one game, but the solid mediocre history of this team since the great one SHULA retire speak for it self. I feel SORRY for South Florida.

    By Uridolp2011 on Sep 14, 2011

  11. I told y’all the Dolphins should have Will, Phil,and Lou. Next draft impact players.

    By michael a. mcbride on Sep 14, 2011

  12. They need to get rid of Tony now.Jeff needs to go at seasons end. There has got to be a good coach and gm. who would like to live in south Fl.Even though he would have to work for Ross. This team will go no place if jeff stays. AS he has the final say personel.

    By rich9336 on Sep 15, 2011

  13. You all are jackasses. Funny how after one game you are asking for jobs. Don’t you remember how good our defense was last year under these coaches? Guess not by the comments you are posting. Yeah, I would get rid of Sapp, he and Carrol looked like damn fools out there!

    By Anonymous on Sep 15, 2011

  14. IT’S a new season A new crop of players. Thats what is wrong with miami they fail to bring in better players. Spend draft choices on second rate players.Last years defense is history. Then when they do have picks we can”t get a impact type of player.

    By rich9336 on Sep 16, 2011

  15. Will Allen should not have been cut to begin with. We should have kept either Brown or Ricky and deffinately Polite. I agree with “Anonymous” Sapp and Carrol should have been counted in the attendace count because like the rest of the stadium they were watching the game. Receivers were open all night long, no preasure at all. Dolphins need a power runner and they need one now. Very disappointed fan, if this is a sign of the rest of the season, it’s going to be hard living in L.A. with all these Raider and Charger fans.

    By bishop5434 on Sep 16, 2011

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