Rex Grossman Is In Midseason Form

August 5, 2011 – 4:07 pm by Ryan Phillips

Remember when Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan went out on a limb last year and benched six-time Pro Bowler Donovan McNabb and inserted Rex Grossman in his place? Well, clearly Shanahan has been rewarded for his confidence in the Sex Cannon.

Grossman showed up to Redskins camp sporting a brand new gut to go along with his new contract. Yeesh. Something tells me Rex’s daily training regimen during the lockout involved the Olive Garden’s never ending pasta bowl.

Shanahan can’t be too happy about this development, considering how obsessed he is with the health of his quarterbacks. After all, as Yahoo!’s Doug Farrar points out, Shanahan originally benched McNabb in favor of Grossman because “he was concerned about McNabb’s cardiovascular endurance!”

Forget endurance, he should be concerned about Grossman’s cardiovascular system. The guy has to have clogged several arteries since February alone.

Grossman was supposed to compete for the Redskins starting job with John Beck, but we seriously doubt there will be much of a competition. As it stands now, Beck will likely win the job based on his cardio work alone.

Regardless of who wins the competition, the Redskins likely face a long season at the quarterback position. Beck is entering his fifth season, has played in just five games and has thrown one career touchdown pass. He has a career passer rating of 62.0. Meanwhile, Grossman has a career passer rating of 70.9 and has thrown 40 touchdown passes and 40 interceptions in the NFL. Hell, even in his best year, where he led the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl his passer rating was 73.9.

Whichever way this thing ends we have a feeling Redskins fans won’t be happy.


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  1. 4 Responses to “Rex Grossman Is In Midseason Form”

  2. Hey man the camera adds 30 pounds.

    By Hick Flick on Aug 9, 2011

  3. How many cameras are actually ON him?

    By Ryan Phillips on Aug 9, 2011

  4. McNabb was were pads at vikings camp and he looks the same as rex without pads

    By Henry Beamon on Aug 10, 2011

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