Rex Grossman Admits To Being Out Of Shape

August 9, 2011 – 11:23 pm by Ryan Phillips

We mentioned this a few days ago, but last week Rex Grossman showed up to Washington Redskins camp in awful shape. He was visibly carrying around a gut and some pretty serious man cleavage. Since that time, Grossman has been listed as the top quarterback on Washington’s unofficial depth chart.

With the full weight of the starting job on his ever-widening shoulders, Grossman took to the airwaves on Tuesday and admitted that he wasn’t exactly in peak physical condition. The portly signal-caller told ESPN-980 AM in Washington D.C. that he was a little overweight, saying, “I’m gonna get down to where I need to be. I have to lose maybe five or six pounds.”

Come again? You only have to lose five or six pounds? Yeah, in your bra.

Dude, Rex, who are you Kirstie Alley or Jennifer Love Hewitt? Have you actually looked in a mirror lately? Trimming six pounds off your body would be like tossing a deck chair off the Titanic.

The crazy part about all of this is that Grossman’s natural talent hasn’t gotten him anywhere so far in his career. He’s entering his ninth year in the league and he’s nothing more than a punchline as a quarterback. For his career he’s thrown as many touchdowns as interceptions (40), completed just 54.2 percent of his passes and racked up an awful quarterback rating of 70.9.

In 2006, his best season as a pro, he took the Bears to the Super Bowl. More accurately the Bears reached the Super Bowl despite having Grossman as their quarterback. That year the former first round pick completed just 54.6 percent of his passes, threw for 3,193 yards, 23 touchdowns, 20 interceptions and had a quarterback rating of 73.9.

You’d figure a guy with those numbers would work extra hard in the offseason to get himself ready for camp, especially if he has a chance to start at the most important position on the field, right? Instead, Grossman showed up out of shape.

Frankly, that’s Rex Grossman’s career in a nutshell. He has been handed an opportunity and rather than put the work in to get better, he just showed up out of shape and expected his natural ability to get him through it.

Nice work Rex.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Rex Grossman Admits To Being Out Of Shape”

  2. He may be overweight, but the Redskins are winning the NFC East. At least according to Rex Grossman.

    By RFS on Aug 10, 2011

  3. Of course they will win the NFC East. With a fat Rex Grossman under center, how can they lose?

    By Ryan Phillips on Aug 10, 2011

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