Logan Morrison Will Not Be Silenced!

August 24, 2011 – 11:54 am by Ryan Phillips

As we’ve seen throughout the Middle East this past spring and summer, Twitter users will risk anything to thwart tyranny and oppression. Surely with that in mind, Florida Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison grandly announced his return to Major League Baseball last night.

Morrison was inexplicably sent to Triple-A New Orleans on August 13, in what most believe was a move by the Marlins brass to send a message to their young star about his behavior. Specifically his behavior on Twitter.

Last night Morrison tweeted his return to the masses:

“6pm flight to FLL. The Boogeyman is back!”

We’re not sure that was the best way to endear himself to management.

Several of Morrison’s teammates weren’t exactly thrilled with his antics either. One veteran told Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post, “In five years, when you’re a stud, that’s when you can get away with that.” Ouch.

Morrison had also missed a team-sponsored event with season ticket holders just before he was sent down. On top of that he was reportedly openly critical of the front office months ago for the firing of hitting coach John Mallee. Clearly the club was not thrilled with his attitude on several levels, and club president David Samson claims he warned Morrison, “I’ve told Logan, no one will care about his tweets if they’re coming from New Orleans.”


Well, Morrison is back but don’t expect Twitter’s #FreeLoMo campaign any time soon. Until the oppressive regime in Florida is toppled and Morrison can freely express himself we’ll all keep fighting the good fight.

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