Jim Tressel Made $3.5 Million In 2010 While Lying

August 9, 2011 – 1:18 pm by Ryan Phillips

A public records request by The Associated Press was satisfied Tuesday when Ohio State University released former head football coach Jim Tressel’s salary figures from his time with the school. You should probably stop reading if you have a heart condition or are easily angered.

Tressel made $21.7 million during his decade at Ohio State, while also receiving more than $100,000 worth of regular season tickets and bonuses of $835,000 for reaching BCS games. A portion of Tressel’s pay, $4.6 million, came from the school’s apparel deal with Nike, under which the coach received a chunk of the cash. All of those figures are typical for a big-time college football coach, even at a publicly-funded school.

Here’s where you’ll get angry. Tressel made more than $3.5 million in 2010, all while covering up major violations by his players and knowingly using ineligible players in games. As a result of his actions, the school vacated all wins from 2010, and its Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas. Ohio State will also likely face further punishment from the NCAA and both the university and the coach have been disgraced as a result of Tressel’s actions all while he was raking in a ridiculous salary.

Yeah, he should probably return that $3.5 million to the state of Ohio.

Look, college football coaches at major universities get paid a ton of dough, but their programs also bring in a lot of money. So I’m not one to jump on anyone for making money. In fact, I’m all for it. But I think it’s pretty safe to say that Tressel didn’t earn his money in 2010. If anything, he probably owes Ohio State a few bucks for the school’s lawyer fees during this whole debacle.

Despite what Ohio State fans may have you believe, Tressel didn’t run a clean program with just a few guys operating outside the rules. They deride the Sports Illustrated expose for “using one anonymous source” when actually everything that anonymous source said was backed up by four additional sources. Tressel was clearly aware of what was going on and chose to ignore it.

Hell, former players Ray Small and Robert Rose confirmed that “everyone” was trading memorabilia for tattoos and cash, and former basketball player Mark Titus claimed everyone in Columbus knew the football players were driving cars they couldn’t afford. So pretending that George Dohrmann was a rouge reporter making things up is the equivalent of plugging your ears, closing your eyes and making really loud noises.

The only reason the NCAA can’t punish Ohio State for all the claims in the article is that people have refused to talk to the investigators. In fact, Terrelle Pryor left school to turn professional just to avoid talking to the NCAA. That just makes it look worse.

Tressel ran an out of control program, and got rich while doing it. He disgraced Ohio State and they paid him a ridiculous salary the whole time.

Basically what I want to say is this: screw Jim Tressel.

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