Los Angeles Dodgers Fans Hold Rally To Protest Frank McCourt

July 9, 2011 – 10:52 pm by Ryan Phillips

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Frank McCourt have had quite a rough year. Things just got worse on Saturday afternoon. Despite pulling off a 1-0 victory over the San Diego Padres on the field, Dodger Nation was in flux just outside Dodger Stadium.

Roger Arrieta, a lifelong Dodgers fan, organized a rally to protest McCourt’s ownership of the team and persuade him to sell the team. The protesters urged other fans to boycott the game. Arrieta publicized the rally on his website markcubansavethedodgers.com, as well as using Facebook and Twitter.

Estimates claim 75 to 100 fans attended the “Save the Dodgers” rally, and others joined on their way into the stadium.

McCourt’s tenure with the Dodgers has been disastrous, and the team filed for bankruptcy protection on June 27. Despite that, he claims he has no plans to sell the team and hopes to pass the franchise along to his sons.

Fans at the protest chanted “McCourt must go” and “Boycott the Dodgers.” Arrieta said he may organize future protests, and we’re pretty sure the numbers of attendees at the rallies will continue to grow.

The announced attendance at the game was 29,744, but all observers said that was generous. During the game, longtime Padres broadcaster Ted Leitner claimed it was the smallest crowd he had ever seen at Dodgers Stadium.

As the above picture shows, the size of the crowd was brutally small.

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