Blake Griffin Wins NBA Rookie Of The Year

May 4, 2011 – 4:54 am by Ryan Phillips

It leaked late Tuesday night that Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin has won the NBA’s Rookie of the Year Award. Did they really even have to make that announcement?

This news comes to you from deep inside “department duh.” I think we all knew Griffin was going to be this year’s ROY after about the fifth game of the season.

How awesome was he? Well, aside from his ridiculous dunks that inspired all kinds of YouTube compilations, Griffin had one of the best rookie seasons in NBA history. The 22-year-old Oklahoma product finished the season with averages of 22.5 points, 12.1 rebounds and 3.8 assists, while playing in all 82 games. He also finished the season with 63 double-doubles, just one shy of the NBA lead shared by both Dwight Howard and Kevin Love.

Griffin wrapped up his rookie season finishing 12th among all players in points per game and fourth in rebounds. He also averaged 38 minutes per game, which put him eighth league-wide.

Oh, and did I mention the dunks?

Griffin dunks like he mad at the ball, the rim and any poor, unfortunate soul that happens to be in his way.

This season it seemed every time you tuned in, Griffin did something spectacular. In fact, he made spectacular routine. This amazing reel contains his best 10 dunks…from the month of November. Hell, this one is an insane compilation from just one game.

His first NBA basket could have been No. 1 on Top Plays.

He won the dunk contest.

He caught and finished a 45-foot alley-oop.

He did this to Marcin Gortat and it didn’t even count.

I could go on and on, but most importantly he made the Los Angeles Clippers relevant. That is a task no mere mortal could ever accomplish. In fact, there are rumors – that I may or may not have started – that Griffin is not human. He’s actually an alien, sent from another planet to bring mankind together in harmony through the majesty and sheer awesomeness of his dunks.

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