The San Francisco Giants Are Doing Just Great

April 5, 2011 – 10:38 pm by Ryan Phillips

So remember last October when the San Francisco Giants were busy winning a World Series championship? Well it’s good that you do, because apparently they’ve forgotten all about it. Or at least, how to play like that.

In the span of the season’s first five contests, the Giants have dropped four, and looked particularly awful doing it. San Francisco’s star closer Brian Wilson has also started the season on the disabled list (his beard is apparently full healthy and ready to go). But don’t worry about Wilson, Because postseason hero Cody Ross is keeping him company on the DL with a calf injury. On top of all that, Bryan Stowe, a Giants fan, was beaten so badly outside Dodger Stadium on opening day that he’s still in a coma and may end up with brain damage. So…bad week, yeah?

What’s next, Lou Seal getting caught in the props of a speed boat in McCovey Cove during the home opener?

Yes, it has only been five games, but the Giants have already committed five errors. They had 73 all of last year. Aubrey Huff has been nothing short of hilarious in right field, while Buster Posey has looked human behind the plate. And, what of Tim “The Freak” Lincecum? He’s 0-1 and still looks ridiculous.

On Tuesday in San Diego, the Giants lost 3-1 to the Padres as they were utterly shutdown by Aaron Harang (of all freaking people) and the Friars’ pitching staff. Starter Madison Bumgarner fit right in though, turning a routine play into a run for the Padres, and walking in a run all in one inning.

So what exactly is going on with the Giants? Who cares? It’s been fun to watch so far.

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  2. But..but..local sportstalk is telling me I have nothing to worry about! The Giants are playing well! We have always been at war with Eastasia!

    By Santa Claustrophobia on Apr 6, 2011

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