Mike Anderson Headed To Arkansas?

March 13, 2011 – 10:26 pm by Ryan Phillips

Now that Arkansas has let head basketball coach John Pelphrey go after four seasons, everyone’s attention will now turn to who is next for the Razorbacks. As of now, the Arkansas opening may be the top available job in the 2011 coaching race.

Right now, from what we’re hearing, the man who should get the job is Missouri coach Mike Anderson. Emphasis on “should.” We’ve heard, and SportsByBrooks has also mentioned, that the Arkansas brass may not want Anderson in town because it would give former coach Nolan Richardson an excuse to be around the program. Richardson is Anderson’s mentor and left Arkansas under horrendous circumstances after citing racial discrimination, being dismissed and suing the university and its Board of Trustees.

That said, Anderson would seem a perfect fit for Arkansas if they would have him. I’d assume fans would be in favor of such a move, given Anderson’s success as a coach. In his five years at Missouri, Anderson has a 111-56 record (43-37 in Big 12) and took the Tigers to the Elite Eight in and won the school’s first Big 12 tournament in 2009. Before that he was the head coach at UAB, where he compiled an 89-41 record (42-20 in Conference USA) and took the Blazers to the NCAA tournament three times, including a Sweet Sixteen run in 2004.

The 51-year-old Anderson was an assistant at Arkansas from 1985-2002, which is the entire length of Richardson’s career in Fayetteville.

I understand Arkansas’ reticence to hire a Richardson disciple after all the controversy surrounding his departure, but the people in charge need to pick the right man for the job. As far as I can see it, Anderson is the right man, right now, for that job.

Tubby Smith’s name has also surfaced in the ever-churning rumor mill, and after the difficult season he’s had at Minnesota Smith might welcome a chance to move back south.

The other candidate out there appears to be Marquette’s Buzz Williams. The 38-year-old Williams is a beloved figure in Milwaukee, but unless the Golden Eagles up his salary there is a good chance he bolts for the big bucks an SEC school could throw his way.

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  1. 25 Responses to “Mike Anderson Headed To Arkansas?”

  2. Time to bring back 40 mins of Hell. Its the only success they’ve had since the 70’s what man better able to recreate that than M. Anderson. He’s not a young assistant anymore so he’ll be calling all his own shots. He’ll get some imput from the founding father of that style Nolan Richardson no different than any other disciple. Do the right thing Ark. AD, I want to see the Hogs back and I’m from Los Angeles.

    By Rio on Mar 14, 2011

  3. I think Mike Anderson would be a good fit at Arkansas and would do a good job, but if the University is still uneasy about picking a Nolan disciple then I would also be happy to see Tubby Smith at Arkansas, he has a similar style, maybe not quite as up tempo but he does like to play the tough defense that creates offense.

    By Rick Varnell on Mar 14, 2011

  4. Anderson is mediocre at best at Missouri, a non-basketball school. If you can’t win Big 12, forget about the SEC. Too much Nolan baggage, but I’m sure that Missouri would like to get rid of his contract. Arkansas doesn’t deserve a big time coach, and anyone who would take the jog is an idiot. Wait until Broyles dies, as he obviously still runs the program.

    By D Rogers on Mar 14, 2011

  5. See who finshes higher after the big dance, Big 12 or SEC.

    By DoubleD on Mar 14, 2011

  6. D Rogers. What are you talking about? Missouri is a top 25 basketball program and the Big12 is superior to the SEC in hoops. SEC=Football

    By BossHog on Mar 14, 2011

  7. I would love to see M Anderson back at Arkansas. I think he would be a great fit and is our best shot to take us back to the glory days of the 90’s.

    By dfwhgsfan on Mar 14, 2011

  8. I wish that we Arkansas would stop recruiting Felons, I see in the SI/CBS investagation that Arkansas was tied in second place behind Pittsburg for that honor. How about one of Coach K’s assistant’s, he seems to find excellent students as well as Ball Players.

    By Tommy Hancock on Mar 14, 2011

  9. D Rogers you don’t know what your talking about so stop writing your drivel. Broyles is retired and his influence is gone. He was a meddeller at the end and is responsible for the shape the program is now in. Razorback fans are crazy about basketbell and will fill the over 20,000 plus arena and will yell until their horse when they start putting good teams on the court again. And when that happens the new coach will be a hero in this state and will again get the good recruits to come play for the Hogs. Phelphrey has left the program in cleaner shape than it was when he took over. Now the program needs the good recruits. Now exactly what coach would not want that situation?

    By Hoggie on Mar 14, 2011

  10. Anderson is a decent coach at best. He could win at Arkansas, but many including me want nothing to do with NR and his racist temper tantrums and he’d be around if MA was hired.
    Buzz W. or Tubby may be the coaches we need to seek. GHG!

    By Jon2564 on Mar 14, 2011

  11. We’d hate to lose Anderson at Mizzou. MU is an higher tiered team, but not a Duke, Kansas or North Carolina, but a very good second level team. Coach Anderson recruits players for his system and does a great job. As far as hiring Duke assistants? Go ahead. I’m sure Quin Snyder is available.

    By M. Cunningham on Mar 14, 2011

  12. Believe me Ark. fans, you don’t want “10 Loss Tubby” for your coach. KY was really good to him and he is a good person but hardheaded as a mule. Look at the problems he has had at Minnesota, just goes to show how much KY took care of him. Your mistake is not giving Pelphrey one more year with the class he has coming in, you want get the recruits he has signed.

    By Katbluefan on Mar 14, 2011

  13. Let’s get it right this time and not kick the can down the road any longer. Mike Anderson could win at Bud Walton arena if the powers that be can live with him. I would like to see him coach the Razorbacks but it needs to be a fit for all involved. GO HOGS!!!!!!!

    By lonzogarbanzo on Mar 14, 2011

  14. P.S.

    By lonzogarbanzo on Mar 14, 2011

  15. Bob Knight!

    By JRAZORBACK on Mar 14, 2011

  16. How about the Petrino & Pitino show.

    By SB on Mar 14, 2011

  17. I would love to see Mike Anderson come but I don’t see that happening. I for one think that we needed to give coach Pel another year. Coach Pel is a CLASSY man and that was shown in his press conference today. I know that his X&O’s seem to be questionable sometimes but the guy took a job that nobody else would 4 years ago and took care of what he had to take care of first before putting a winning team on the floor. Coach Pel thanks for cleaning a program up and i will agree with you, “better times are or were just around the corner.

    By bofref on Mar 14, 2011

  18. Are you people idiots, coach Pel only won with Stan heath players. After that he sucked, Stan heath wanted the same thing 1 more year when he had all those players coming back. He didn’t get it and Pel won with the players he left. The program wasn’t in trouble then, so how can he left it in a better place..
    In fact, it is left in a worse position now.
    Arkansas has never been a great basketball school nether is the sec. Where would you go, NC, Duke or shit hole Arkansas??

    By ted on Mar 14, 2011

  19. Wow Ted….that is pretty harsh. I was born and raised in Arkansas and love our state. I am proud to be a Razorback Fan. Have you ever been to Arkansas?? Buffalo River… Ozark Mountains..Delta…Ouchita Mountains…Pelphry loved it here in Arkansas and so does Petrino. We have great fans, fans that will pay good money to support a winning program. Bud Walton Arena was the toughest place to play in the SEC when Nolan was here. It could be the same with another good coach. There is great potential in Arkansas and the SEC to win a national championship.. GO Hogs!!

    By mike on Mar 14, 2011

  20. “…if they will have him” ???

    Arkansas fans never wanted him to leave.

    “Nolan Baggage”?

    Nolan Richardson is in Tulsa coaching aWNBA team, I hardly think he gives much thought to Arkansas college basketball anymore.

    Word here in Fayetteville AR is, Jeff Long is being sent to bring Mike back to Arkansas with an open checkbook and a long term contract. If he returns without him, Long’s job may be on the line.

    By Razorback Jack on Mar 15, 2011

  21. To Ted,

    I don’t condiser myself an idiot, tho many who know me may very well disagree … but I think they’re wrong.

    I sent a letter to Jeff Long a few days before Pel got fired. In that letter I gave a respectful opinion on why I think Pel reached his potential (for know) in the SEC.

    Personally, I had a prob with Rob Barnes remaining the assistant coach these past 2 years. He mostly sits on the bench and snoozes. He never won anything in the SEC.

    I understand bringing Barnes in as asst for a year or so due to his SEC experience, but Pel needed a younger asst who could run with him and had a like philosophy.

    I also recommended that AD Long take a look at Leon Rice at Boise State, those kids put on a defensive show against #17 Utah State that would have made Nolan smile.

    John Pelphrey leaves Arkansas will little (if any) ill feelings from the fan base.

    The Courtney Fortsen experiment really set Pel back in a system that was already collapsing.

    To mention Pel’s first year as his “best” season is misleading. His talent level consisted of Sonny Weems, Patrick Beverly, and Steven Hill.

    Patrick Beverly walked, and Steven Hill still don’t understand what he was supposed to do. Sonny Weems (and Hill) both lasted one year on the bench at Oklahoma in the NBA.

    By Razorback Jack on Mar 15, 2011

  22. I hope Mike Anderson does come to Arkansas. He brings the kind of b ball we got so used to and had so much sucess with in the past. He is a great recruiter also. He can bring the type of players we need @ Arkansas and not the thug type we have been getting in the past few yrs. I say we should get him NO MATTER THE COST!!!!

    By BIGHOG on Mar 15, 2011

  23. Razorback Jack,

    Maybe you haven’t realized that Weems is averaging 25 min and 10 pts. a game for Toronto.

    By Roothog on Mar 16, 2011

  24. All Arkansas fans think it’s a done deal if they offer MA a job. Whose to say he’ll leave MU? Seems like a lateral move.

    By paul on Mar 16, 2011

  25. Weems is a solid player in toronto jackass and MA is our next coach

    By Dmath on Mar 19, 2011

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