Los Angeles Lakers Looking To Add Someone

February 25, 2011 – 5:26 pm by Ryan Phillips

The two-time defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers didn’t make a move before yesterday’s NBA trade deadline, but that doesn’t mean they are completely satisfied with their current roster.

Word has circulated today that the Lakers are looking hard at the buyout market in an effort to add a player to the roster. The Lakers could use some 3-point shooting or possibly a defensive-minded big man to eat some minutes in the post. Seeing as how Theo Ratliff is likely out for the season, that would seem to be the priority. But adding a 3-point shooter to the second-unit could be a big boost.

Currently, the Lakers are said to have interest in Troy Murphy, Jason Kapono and Leon Powe. The team currently has just 14 players on its roster, which means the Lakers wouldn’t have to dump anyone to make a move.

Powe was waived by the Cleveland Cavaliers Thursday and could give the Lakers another option in the post. The Boston Celtics are also said to be interested in bringing Powe back into the fold.

Murphy was recently shipped from New Jersey to Golden State, and will likely be bought out by the Warriors before next Thursday’s deadline to do so. If the Lakers added him they’d be getting a 6’11 guy who can rebound and is a career 39.1 percent 3-point shooter.

Kapono, a Los Angeles native who played college ball at UCLA, is also likely to be bought out by the Philadelphia 76ers. With him the Lakers would be adding a career 43.9 percent 3-point shooter, who can’t really do anything but shoot. He’s a terrible defender, but on the team’s second-unit he could help take pressure off of Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown offensively.

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  1. 5 Responses to “Los Angeles Lakers Looking To Add Someone”

  2. With Theo out for the season, I would not hesitate to go after the following player
    in the respective order:

    Troy Murphy (my first choice)He bring a 6’11”
    frame that Theo has and is a better shooter.

    Leon Powe (my second choice) has payoff experience and sound defense when healthy.

    Jason Kapono (my third choice) grat 3 pointer
    shooter, zone buster but defense liability.


    By James G on Feb 26, 2011

  3. I compared the per game career averages between Murphy and Powe, Kapono leaves too big a defensive liability IMO.

    Murphy: 8.5 reb, 44% FG.avg, 39% 3pt., 11.8 pts.gm, 0.4 BLKS, 0.7 STL.

    Powe: 4.0 reb, 51% FG.avg, 0% 3pt., 6.3 pts.gm, 0.4 BLKS, 0.3 STL.

    By Raggae on Feb 28, 2011

  4. Troy Murphy was the guy we needed and of course Boston signed him while Mitch was sitting on his hands in confusion. Ratliff, Walton and Smith are three useless bodies, along with no decent point guards that can score, run the floor or play defense we will never make the finals.


    By Steve on Mar 1, 2011

  5. Steve,
    The Lakers were barred from signing Murphy. Part of his buyout agreement with the Warriors was that he couldn’t sign with a team from the Western Conference.

    So Mitch didn’t actually doing anything wrong.

    By Phillips on Mar 2, 2011

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