Little Jimmy Boeheim Gets His Feewings Huwt

February 16, 2011 – 1:49 am by Hickey

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim raised a stink on Monday night under complaints that the local media was being unfair to him after the Syracuse Post-Standard showed a graphic that listed his record against other coaches in the Big East, including those against whom his record is not so great. (It also pointed out that he owns Notre Dame’s Mike Brey, which apparently did not matter to him in his rant).

He was also irked that the preview for Saturday’s game against Louisville pointed out that he has lost six in a row to Rick Pitino, a streak that has now reached seven.


In Boeheim’s defense, he pointed out that he beat Pitino six times in a row at one point — five times at Providence and once at Kentucky, and the story totally neglected it. In honor of Boeheim’s desire for fair and balanced coverage, I have decided to link to this clip of something from Syracuse basketball in the ’80s, since apparently that information is still pertinent to the fact he can’t beat Louisville.

But if Jim still feels he is being unfairly covered by his local media, let me offer this noble suggestion: maybe play a few road games on your non-conference schedule so you can get away from those big meanies.


Hey, I just want to help.

And as much as Boeheim’s petulance annoys the piss out of me, I must admit that it can create some classic moments. Where would we be as a society without this rant?

Rage on, Jimmy.

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  2. Jimmy isn’t the only one who complains. Mike K at Duke hass done his share as has NCState coach.

    By 30 year USC fan on Feb 16, 2011

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