Gerald Wallace Not Being Traded After All?

February 24, 2011 – 1:47 am by Ryan Phillips

Word came down just before the Portland Trail Blazers tipped off against the Los Angeles Lakers Wednesday night that the team had made a significant move. It was reported that the Blazers had acquired Gerald Wallace from the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for a package centered around Andre Miller. Well, apparently whatever was agreed upon fell through.

Then the Blazers went out and had a gigantic late meltdown and lost in overtime to the Lakers. Sweet.

Apparently late in the game the Bobcats and owner Michael Jordan got cold feet about shipping Wallace out. The 28-year-old forward has long been one of the NBA’s most underrated do-everything players and tons of teams have tried to pry him away from the Bobcats in the past.

Wallace has two years and $22 million left on his contract and unless something big happens over the next few hours, he’ll be picking up his checks in Charlotte. This may not be totally done but it looks like the two sides have grown apart over the course of the day.

This would have been a big move for a Trail Blazers franchise desperate for some good news. Brandon Roy came back from his knee injury Wednesday night but it will be a while before he can play at a high level. Portland fans have to be disappointed that this deal didn’t happen.

On rumor claims that things fell apart when Jordan and the Bobcats asked the Blazers to include Rudy Fernandez in the deal. That prompted Fernandez’s agent to tell Jordan that the Spaniard would request a buyout and return to his home country if he was traded to the Bobcats. Ouch.

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