Clay Zavada And His Mustache May Retire

February 15, 2011 – 12:28 pm by Ryan Phillips

You may not know the name Clay Zavada, but you certainly know the look. He’s the lefty out of the Arizona Diamondbacks pen with the sweet mustache. The one who looks like an extra from Tombstone or Deadwood. Yeah, that guy.

Well, despite being just 26 years old and having been fairly effective at the major league level, Zavada may be calling it quits on his baseball career.

The Illinois native and former 30th round draft pick, appeared in 49 games in 2009 and put up decent numbers. He finished with a 3-3 record, a 3.35 ERA, a 1.35 WHIP, four holds and 52 strikeouts in 51.0 innings. That’s not bad for a middle reliever. But he missed last season due to Tommy John surgery and was only given a minor-league deal by the Diamondbacks for this season. He also missed a workout on Monday, sending the signal that he might be contemplating a future beyond baseball.

Apparently, Zavada – whose middle name (Pflibson) is almost as cool as his stache has walked away from the game before. Following the death of his father he missed the entire 2007 season.

The sad part of this story is that without a Major League salary who knows if Zavada could maintain such a sweet mustache? That look has to put a dent in the pocketbook, right?

Here’s hoping the kid figures things out and puts that stache back to work.

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