Chad Ochocinco Is Not Thrilled With The Bengals

February 2, 2011 – 11:06 pm by McD

Chad Ochocinco/Johnson went on NFL Network Wednesday apparently to entertain himself while the country thaws out but also to complain that Carson Palmer got former offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski fired and that the team would never try to appease him like that.

“Our offensive coordinator was fired yesterday, for whatever reason, I’m not sure why,” Ochocinco said. “We’ve had some of our best years with him at the helm. I’m not sure where that firing came from. I’m sure other changes are soon to come.”

No, Chad, you had your only two good seasons with Carson Palmer as your quarterback. That’s why the team is bending over backwards to make him happy. Guess who was taking the snaps the last two times the Bengals made the playoffs: that’s right, your boy Carson Palmer.

A couple years ago, the Steelers won the Super Bowl on this play, a pass from Ben Roethlisberger to Santonio Holmes. Both faced subsequent legal troubles, but you know who’s still on the team? Ben Roethlisberger. Why? Racism. Also because good quarterbacks are a pain in the ass to find and good receivers aren’t.

So when the franchise quarterback who didn’t allegedly rape anyone, who didn’t crash his motorcycle, and didn’t have this absurd haircut on television wants changes, the team gives him changes. When Chad Ochocinco, who never shuts up, says something about the team, well, I get to blog about it and then we just chalk it up to Chad being Chad.

See what you’ve done to yourself, Mr. Ochocinco/Johnson?

So heal this rift already, Chad. That’s your teammate. That’s your quarterback. And if you do that, man, it’s unfair. You sucked as a team this year.

Don’t start calling people out now. The Bengals need positive press, man. I live near their fans. They can’t take your act anymore. Don’t screw up a good thing.

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