Jake Locker’s Stock Is Falling Fast

January 28, 2011 – 4:57 pm by Ryan Phillips

Many experts were surprised that Jake Locker decided to attend the Senior Bowl. Most quarterbacks avoid any extra chance for scouts to see them do anything once they’ve completed their eligibility. But Locker has never been one to do what everyone expected, after all, he elected to return to Washington for his senior year despite being almost guaranteed to be selected in the top half of the first round of the 2010 NFL draft.

Well, after enduring a terrible senior year, Locker’s stock dropped considerably, and this week at the Senior Bowl things have only gotten worse. To say that he’s taking a complete nosedive would be kind.

The New York Times quotes one scout saying Locker “hurt himself a lot this week” and that his accuracy is “terrible.” Most experts feel accuracy can’t be taught, it’s just an innate sense a passer has as to when and where the ball needs to be.

Fox Sports’ Adam Caplan is equally unimpressed with Locker. He says that Locker’s release point needs to be fixed and that his inconsistency is “troubling” and that it’s “alarming” how bad his release is. It has gotten so bad that right now Caplan gives Locker a third-round grade.


The guy was in the running to be the top overall pick last year and this year he’s a third rounder? That’s insane.

As ESPN has pointed out, by returning to school, Locker has cost himself a boatload of cash.

The top pick in 2010, Sam Bradford, signed a deal worth $86 million, with $50 million in guaranteed money. Colt McCoy, the first quarterback taken in the third round last year signed a deal worth a maximum of $5 million with just $1.07 million guaranteed.

So Locker may have cost himself somewhere in the neighborhood of $49 million by returning to school. God I hope Andrew Luck is listening and insuring every part of his body.

It’s a sad story because by all accounts Locker is a great kid and he really wanted to be a part of bringing Washington back to prominence and he fully bought into what coach Steve Sarkisian was doing. He did the noble thing and it will certainly cost him.

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  1. 8 Responses to “Jake Locker’s Stock Is Falling Fast”

  2. Sounds like what they said about Tom Brady.

    By WPSN on Jan 29, 2011

  3. Sounds like the same scouts that had Tom Brady going in the 6th round.

    By WPSN on Jan 29, 2011

  4. Let’s not compare Tom Brady to Jake Locker. Jake couldn’t complete a pass in the first half against Nebraska in the bowl game. A Nebraska team that had no interest in being there. Everyone knows what Nebraska did to him in the regular season meeting. Jake has a lot of skills but it doesn’t translate to the games. I still think he’ll have a solid combine and go late first round. His best case scenario is Carson Palmer at the next level IMO.

    By Ron on Jan 29, 2011

  5. Jake is no Carson Palmer. He is grossly overrated. The best thing that can happen to him is that he is drafted by the Colts and allowed to learn from Peyton Manning for several years. What are you people looking at. I saw Jake a spring practice and I said he looked bad then and still does. Nick Montana had a better day that day. Stop with the Jake hype. I am not sure he even wants to play football. Baseball is an option. We dont need another big money bust!

    By rg2 on Jan 31, 2011

  6. fall to yhe hawks!

    By Anonymous on Feb 1, 2011

  7. I’m sure Jake is a little diappointed in his performance. We Husky fans want Jake to succeed and live up to his talent and potential. Maye he was overrated from the start. But believe me when I say Jake doesn’t care about the money. Honestly! The man just wants to play the game and be the best he can be. So for his stock to fall like it has, isn’t going to affect him one bit. He has great work ethic and it will only drive him to be better than he even knows he can be. And if he fails, he always has baseball. The Angels would love to have him on one of their rosters. Go Dawgs! Go Jake!

    By UDubFan on Feb 11, 2011

  8. “Locker is overrated, Locker is going in the third round, blah, blah, blah.”
    Jake will be just fine and is not only a good guy and great athlete but a good QB as well. Imagine what he could have done if he hadn’t had 2 wasted years with Willingham and 4 total years always running for his life due to a weak OL?
    I’d love to see you armchair critics go out there and handle that without giving up or making excuses – neither of which he ever did.

    By wes on Feb 12, 2011

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