Bowl Preview: Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl

January 8, 2011 – 2:00 pm by McD

(15) Nevada (12-1) vs. Boston College (7-5) (+7.5)

It’s a little bit perfect that Nevada is playing the day before the last BCS game. After all, they DID screw, er, beat Boise State and ruin their shot at the BCS. And I spent the last three years absolutely loving Nevada. But this. This hurts me, Nevada. You broke my heart.

There’s run defense and then there’s run defense, and BC seems like it has the former, but not the latter. They’ve faced several different systems in the ACC*, but they haven’t seen anything like Nevada’s rushing offense. Sure, it features a two-man attack that runs a variety of different running plays, but it’s impossible to prepare for Colin Kaepernick and Vai Taua perfectly. Kaepernick is too versatile and accounting for him means Taua gets to run downhill, often against fewer defenders than would be usual.

Did I sound like Scouts Inc.? I kept it general and yet sounded like I had insight, so I tried. I don’t know.

The real breakdown is this: Nevada has dynamic playmakers and BC is just a solid football team with nothing amazing. Matt Ryan’s alma mater is the kind of team you can root for, but Nevada is the kind of team you love. Or hate, depending on your feelings about the Wolfpack beating Boise State.

Otherwise, I’m actually somewhat interested in this game, but it just so happens it’s on the second Sunday of Wild Card Weekend for the NFL, so I might be the only person interested in actually watching this game. Oh well.

Pick: Nevada

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  1. 3 Responses to “Bowl Preview: Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl”

  2. BC is in the ACC not the Big East.

    Nevada is a great team with an oustanding amount of talent on boths sides of the ball.

    Should be a good game.

    By Eric on Jan 8, 2011

  3. Eric,
    Thanks for the heads up. The Big East/ACC thing was a total brain fart.

    By Phillips on Jan 8, 2011

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